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Government by Goldman Sachs

28 July 2009

Speculators, for the last few decades, have quietly gained control of the stock market, pushing up prices of commodities to unnatural levels. It has essentially skewed the supply and demand of natural markets, which resulted in the massive oil bubble last year.

Goldman Sachs, which has been a major player in this has its tentacles all over government. So who really runs America?

This is a 5-part video whose successive parts will auto-load.

Farage berates EU – Lisbon Treaty is EU Constitution

22 July 2009

Hat tip: Barking Spider

Mandelson’s fangs sink into Coulson

9 July 2009

Is anyone in any doubt that Fondelbum is targeting Coulson?
The Telegraph reports:

The Metropolitan Police are now looking into claims in the The Guardian newspaper that the News of the World tapped into “thousands” of mobile phones belonging to high profile figures.

The Guardian claimed that the News of the World paid more than £1 million to settle out of court claims with a number of people who sued when they discovered they were victims.

Journalists at the Sunday newspaper are alleged to have used private investigators to listen in to calls made by people such as former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, Cabinet minister Tessa Jowell, model Elle MacPherson and PR executive Max Clifford. Other alleged targets included Mayor of London Boris Johnson, actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Nigella Lawson.

Read the article.

Update, courtesy of Calling England:

The Metropolitan Police will not reopen its investigation into phone tapping by employees of News of the World because of insufficient evidence, Assistant Commissioner John Yates said in a statement this evening.

“No additional evidence has come to light since the case was concluded. I therefore consider that no further investigation is required.” “Their potential targets may have run into hundreds of people but our inquiry showed they only used the tactic against a far smaller number of individuals. It’s important to recognise that our inquiry showed that, in the vast majority of cases, there was insufficient evidence to show that tapping had actually been achieved.”

Make your mobile ex-directory

8 July 2009

From Mid-July there will be a mobile phone directory at 118 800 which aims to list every active UK mobile number in the country. This information will be held in the normal manner of a 118 directory service and will also contain the numbers for minors and the elderly. The database is largely unfiltered and obviously there will be companies interested in purchasing call lists that will be available – as such very soon you, and/or your friends and loved ones could well be subject to unsolicited and unwanted marketing calls.

The database is said to have over 15m numbers collected from market research firms, online businesses (collected from websites where people did not exclude their number from being passed along by ticking the privacy box) and also from brokerage firms who buy and sell personal data, such as telephone numbers. The information on this database has been purchased in a manner which has satisfied the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), which investigates allegations of breaches into the Data Protection Act.

If this does not sound like something you would like your number(s) to be a part of, [and I include myself in that] then you can go ex-directory before the launch of this service by following a few simple steps… I have done this myself today and it takes less than 2 minutes. You need to have the mobile to hand that you wish to go ex-directory on. It is free and you do not need to enter any personal details other than the phone number you wish to be excluded from the database.

1. Go to this link

2. Click “Home”, then “Ex-Directory”

3. Enter your mobile number and the security words that appear on screen

4. This will take you to a new page where you need to enter a 5 digit code – this will be text to you a few moments after entering that page

That’s it, you should be done.

Lifted from daniel1979blog

Best reads and videos

22 May 2009

We are failing the test of CivilisationIain Dale in the Guardian
Revolution in the air – Old Holborn (no mincer of words)
Tony’s expenses they weren’t shredded – Plato
My candidate for Speaker? Whoever says this – Dan Hannan
Make gov poverty history – Guido Fawkes

MPs: now it’s your turn to go

20 May 2009

Michael Martin was forced out of office by an angry mob of MPs and an outraged public. Not without substantial benefit, mind you. He takes with him an astonishing £1.4 million pension and a seat in the Lords.

One can only assume that this outrageously generous golden parachute was McMental’s bribe to get Gorbals to go without dropping McMental in the sewage. Funny how all of us, apart from McMental himself, seem to pay heavily for his c*ck-ups. This is something we need to change.

If the powers that be imagine that the public is going to be satisfied with just getting rid of Gorbals Mick and a few unimportant Labour expendables, they are quite mistaken. The real scandal is that we have a cabinet loaded with expenses cheats some of whom ought to be in jail, rather than running the country into the ground.

I’m still MAD AS HELL and I want justice done!

We’ve endured an unaccountable executive for far too long. It really is time the swine fell on his, or someone else’s sharp sword.

See Aaron Russo’s “Mad as hell!” videos.

Mad as hell!

18 May 2009

Aaron Russo, film-maker, produced a great 9-part film Mad as Hell, which resonates today – spooky parallels.

Aaron Russo was considered to be a “conspiracy theorist” in his day. Maybe he was; nevertheless, much of what he warned against has come to pass. Not just in America, but in Britain too.

Aaron Russo died of cancer on 24th August 2007.

Best quotes from MPs’ expenses saga – Telegraph

17 May 2009

The Telegraph publishes its Best quotes from the MPs’expenses investigation:

Shahid Malik: “I’m as straight as they come”
When: May 15, hours before standing down as Justice Minister

Andrew Mackay: “When it (the housing arrangement) was drawn to my attention my first reaction was that the right thing to do was to resign my post, which I did very first thing today with David.”
When: May 14, announcing that he was standing down as David Cameron’s aide

Hazel Blears: “I have heard absolutely the outrage and the anger that the public feel about what has been going on. I would never do anything to let down the people that I represent and serve and that is the most important thing for me. It isn’t just enough to claim within the law, that is why I have decided to send to the inland revenue a cheque. “
When: May 12, after previously saying she had complied with the rules and done nothing wrong

Douglas Hogg: “I have never claimed for the moat, or for the piano tuning – the allegation that I did is incorrect. I never claimed for these and I never received any money.”
When: May 13

Gordon Brown: “I want to apologise on behalf of politicians, on behalf of all parties, for what has happened.”
When: May 11

David Cameron: “Politicians have done things that are unethical and wrong. I don’t care if they were within the rules – they were wrong”
When: May 12

Michael Martin to Kate Hoey: “I just say to you it’s easy to say to the press, ‘This should not happen’. It’s a wee bit more difficult when you just don’t have to give quotes to the press and do nothing else. Some of us in this House have other responsibilities.”
When: May 11 in the House of Commons during announcement of review

Lembit Opik: “I may have been within the rules. It’s equivocal. I asked them about it (claiming back a £40 court summons) and they said they would have to look into it. The one thing they (the Telegraph) have been trying to get me to pay back may not have been wrong.”
He said he had written a cheque anyway “rather than waste the Fees Office’s time”.
When: May 13

Peter Mandelson: “Perhaps we need not more people looking round more corners but the same people looking round more corners more thoroughly to avoid the small things detracting from the big things the Prime Minister is getting right.”
When: May 9

John Maples, who declared the RAC club as his main home: “I believe that everything I have claimed on the ACA has been a properly incurred property-related expense and that I can produce receipts for almost everything.”
When: May 13

Chris Huhne: “My aim on second home claims has always been to avoid controversy, which is why they are 17 per cent of the allowable maximum and rank me as 580th out of the 620 MPs entitled to claim the allowance.”
When: May 12

Andrew George: “This story’s main allegation appears to be that I have a London flat that is sometimes visited by my daughter, who lives elsewhere in London.”
When: May 13

Nick Clegg: “Do I think this was a train crash waiting to happen? Yes, clearly it was. What we are seeing now is the unravelling of a system that thrived in the shadows”
When: May 13

Labour loses donors while £18.9m in debt

16 May 2009

The Guardian reports that Labour has lost the support of major donors due to the MPs’ expenses scandals:

Anthony Bailey, the public relations “fixer” who introduced the £1m donor Mahmoud Khayami and has given more than £72,000 himself, said that he would not be donating to Labour and would not encourage others to do so. “The expenses stories are shameful. Anyone who is thought to have broken the law should be investigated by the police immediately,” he said. “I have no intention of giving a single penny to Labour at this time, and I cannot see how I could introduce any of my contacts either.”

Bailey, who claims to have raised £1.4m for the party over the past two years and sits on a government taskforce, added: “I can see many other donors withdrawing their support.”

Read the full article.

Rumours have been circulating that Labour MPs were asked to claim expense so that they could donate to the Labour Party, mired in debt. I’ve not been able to find a source for this, but various bloggers have said that Ken Livingstone knew about the arrangement.

Update: Iain Dale has heard the rumour. View his comments.

In 2002, the Independent reported that “Labour MPs have been told to donate nearly £1,000 each to Millbank because the party’s finances have slipped into the red by more than £6m.” Back then, Labour’s debt was £10 million. Now, it’s twice that.

This fact adds a whisp of smoke …

Do you have information that links the smoke with the fire?

Private Prosecutions by Taxpayers’ Alliance and Daily Mail

14 May 2009

The Daily Mail will join forces with the Taxpayers’ Alliance “to bring to justice MPs whose flagrant abuse of expenses has shamed Britain”.

Yesterday, the Taxpayers’ Alliance said it would privately prosecute MPs if the police and the Crown Prosecution Service remain uninterested in calling them to justice.