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Speaker’s to step down on 21st June 2009

19 May 2009

Speaker Martin, in a statement to the House of Commons, announced that he will be relinquishing his role as Speaker on 21st June 2009 and that a new Speaker would be elected on 22nd June 2009.

One down, 100s to go …

Watch his speech.

There was a failed attempt to oust Speaker Martin last year when he blocked a Freedom of Information request for full details of MPs’ expenses.

Douglas Carswell, the hero in this piece, led a fearless, unprecedented campaign to rid the House of the Speaker and to clean up politics – and he won.

Met will not investigate leak to Telegraph in Expensesgate

19 May 2009

The Met have decided not to investigate the leaks of MPs’ expenses data to the Telegraph. Stung over accusations of political manipulation, the Met have seen sense.

This will be a further blow to Speaker Martin’s shot authority.

Speaker Martin to resign today

19 May 2009

Speaker Michael Martin is to resign today. He is expected to announce his resignation at 14:30 in the House of Commons.

I suspect he’ll try to get away with stepping down at the General Election, in order to hang onto his generous salary and pension. Should he be so daft, he’ll face another raft of moves against him, such as Douglas Carswell’s Substantive Motion of no confidence in the Speaker, which would have to be permitted by Gordon Brown in order to be debated in the Commons. This would put Brown in an intolerable position because Brown had previously told the country that this is “not a matter for the Government”. He’d be forced to admit that he was wrong, or lying.

Motion of No Confidence in Speaker Michael Martin

18 May 2009

Lobby your MP to sign Douglas Carswell’s Motion of No Confidence in Speaker Martin. Email him/her via or telephone House of Commons on 020 7219 3000 and speak to your MP directly.

Douglas Carswell tabled a and Early Day Motion of No Confidence in Speaker Martin and urges him to resign.

Today, in the Speaker’s statement to the House of Commons, he made it clear that he had no intention of resigning.

Several MPs raised points of order, telling Martin that he had lost the confidence of the House and that he should go.

Speaker Martin will not allow the Early Day Motion to be debated in the House and, advised by his clerks, told the House that in order to have a debate on the issue, a Substantive Motion would have to be tabled and that it was up to the government (McMental) to allow the motion.

Fausty’s choice – top weekend articles

17 May 2009

Fausty has been so busy reading and assimilating info of late that she’s not had the inclination to post her views. Fausty wonders how journalists, bloggers and various media types, like Iain Dale manage it.

Fausty is a new blogger – still learning the ropes.

Carswell tables motion to oust Speaker Martin

11 May 2009

The odious Speaker Martin was in a foul mood in the Commons today as he read his statement on MPs expenses to the House. Perhaps he was aware of Douglas Carswell’s looming motion of no confidence, the text of which was approved today.

Martin has brought Parliament into disrepute with his partisan stance, stifling debate, pushing through lax expenses ‘rules’, abusing the expenses privilege and worst of all, allowing the police to arrest Damian Green and calling for a police enquiry into leaks on expenses.

Speaker Martin has form in bringing the police into the Commons. This alone should be enough to persuade MPs to back Carswell’s motion of no confidence because he is there to protect MPs’ rights to represent their constituents against abuses of power.

Today, he vented his spleen on Kate Hoey when she dared suggest that police time would be better spent on policing, rather than investigating leaks in the Commons. Kate Hoey told Eddie Mair on PM tonight that she wished Betty Boothroyd were still the Speaker. It takes guts to say that and Hoey has proven herself to be a conviction politician with integrity – qualities sorely lacking in the Commons these days.

Michael Martin is an utter disgrace and should go as soon as possible.

Douglas Carswell blogs:

Motion of no confidence in the Speaker

Enough is enough.

I’ve drafted the text of a motion for the Speaker to quit, and to be replaced by a new Speaker with a mandate to clean up the Commons. I’m consulting the Commons Table Office for advice on it.

I’m also starting to canvass for support for it from colleagues.

UPDATE: Table Office has just approved some text for a suitable motion.

Write to your MP and urge him/her to back Carswell’s motion.

Let’s hope Carswell manages to get the required number of votes to oust the despicable man.

Update: The Spectator wades in