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Freedom Watch: Judge Napolitano

8 August 2009

Judge Napolitano’s guests are Dan Hannan, Congressman Dr Ron Paul, Dr Rand Paul (running for Senate), Peter Schiff (running for Senate).

Topics discussed: socialised medicine and the NHS, unsustainable debt, big government, reduction of freedoms, corruption, career politicians.

This week’s show is hugely relevant to the UK – highly recommended.

Dan Hannan tells the US of dangers of socialism

8 August 2009

Hat tip: Tory Bear


While Dan Hannan warns America of the dangers of socialised medicine, the Left are determined to ride roughshod over the constitution and the wishes of the people. Obama might come unstuck over this issue as it attempts to drive a stake through the freedom-loving American heart.

My Doubts puts it so well:

It appears that, as is so often the case with authoritarians, Obama has broken the law in even asking for this information. I do hope this is tested in court and he is humiliated. He has already received bad publicity from this incredibly stupid email, more can only be better.

Still the Left does not want to know, because it still does not doubt. This is why, dear reader, that on the subject of the Left and most especially Barack Obama, I have always had My Doubts.
Glen Reynolds, of Instapundit, is the ultimate source of all links, so many, many fine hats tipped to the great legal academic.

Update: the US Democrats are willing to stack an ‘open’ meeting with union members just to avoid having to listen to their opponents. They don’t want to know.

Update: it appears that Barack Obama is breaking another article of the same privacy law. David Hardy, the blogger who points this out, reckons this to be a far more serious breach. Oh, dear.