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Things that enrage

13 August 2009

Lickspittle Ainsworth accuses the public of letting down the troops by adopting a “defeatist” attitude, while he refuses to take the blame for needless deaths of troops ill-equipped by his department.

While innocent members of the public are prosecuted for minor offences such as littering – under the terrorism Act – an actual terrorist might be freed on compassionate grounds by the Scottish Mafia. The poor dear has willy cancer.


Watching the watchers: fight back

18 July 2009

Daily, we read stories of people prevented by police or ‘security’ from filming in a public place and harassing or even arresting those that do, especially if the target of the frame is the police themselves.

After all, they don’t want us recording and publicising their heavy-handedness with law-abiding people, do they?

I suggest that we fight back and equip ourselves with wearable cameras.

Update: In response to John M Ward’s blog, AmateurPhotographer has more information about the amateur photographer arrested in Chatham, Kent.

The Met has issued ‘guidelines‘ on photography which have not been approved by the Home Office.