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Petty bureaucrats policing your purchases

13 August 2009

Full marks to Sainsburys for going above and beyond the call of duty to win my coveted, and internationally prestigious, “Prats of The Week” Award.

Lewis Pengam, a balding 28 year old bank manager, was going about his regular shopping in Sainsburys Birmingham. Within his purchases was a DVD of the family film “Firehouse Dog” (no sex or violence), rated PG.

There he was was at checkout, ready to pay when…..

…blinky, blonky, blimey…

Can you guess what happened next children?

Yes, that’s right, the checkout operative refused to sell him the film unless he showed proof that he was over 18.

I would remind you at this stage that the film is a family film, not a slash and gore or acrobatic porno film.

Mr Pengam’s work colleague was with him, and offered her driving licence as proof of her age.

Can you guess what happened next children?

Yes, that’s right, the checkout operative refused to sell it:

You’re only buying it for him.”

Sainsburys, well deserving Prats of The Week!

Here is Justin King’s (CEO) email, if you want to drop him a note.

Hat tip: Nanny Knows Best

Next time anyone encounters this sort of lunacy, go public. Hold up the ‘offending’ item and ask loudly of everyone in the checkout queues: “Did you hear that, everyone? I am asked for ID to buy a PG-rated DVD ….”

Humiliate the bastards, then abandon your shopping on the checkout counter and announce that you’ll be taking your custom elsewhere.

Then boycott them. The local shops could do with your custom, anyway.

Unless we make a very public stand, with courage, others will meekly take the treatment meted out by these petty bureaucrats.


Nanny’s special police force – Bouncers

27 July 2009

Hot on the heels of Nanny’s great wheeze to create “Plastic Policemen” (PCSO) and empowering park wardens and others to be able to fine people (“Jacqui’s Specials”), Nanny has come up with another “terrific” idea.

She has decided to grant night club doormen (“bouncers” to you and I) the power to be able to fine people who are unruly.

Not only that, but Nanny’s Bouncers will be abe to access the police criminal records database. In other words, a person whose only “qualification” to levy fines etc is a special T shirt and high vis yellow vest both with logos that say he/she can levy fines (provided by Nanny) will be able to nose around the criminal records database at will.

Good isn’t it?

By the way, in order for bouncers (or rather the companies running the bouncers) to be able to “qualify” to levy fines and wear the T shirts etc, they first have to pay a fee to Nanny.


Any fines levied will go into the coffers of the local councils or police.


Lifted from NannyKnowsBest

Isn’t this how Hitler’s thug force started?

Town Hall banned flying Union flag

19 May 2009

The Telegraph reports that South Kesteven District Council has banned the Town Hall from flying the Union flag on Armed Forces Day because bureaucrats will not let anyone climb 8ft to reach the pole.

South Kesteven District Council, which maintains the Town Hall, says it is too risky to ask the site manager to climb a ladder and unfurl a flag.

Fausty thinks: If some daring, patriotic person would climb the pole in the dead of night and hoist the flag, Kesteven District Council will be forced to leave it there because it will be too “dangerous” to to bring it down.