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Labour’s hari kiri: annihilation awaits

7 August 2009

Voice of the Resistance has written a heart-felt piece today, with which many of us will have sympathy.

The Labour Party conference will be interesting. Should there be plans to oust Brown before the GE, we should see stirrings at the conference. Steve Richards rightly asserts that if Fondlebum and Harperson run for Leadership of the Labour party, they will further decimate what pitiful credibility they have left.

Labour MPs hate Fondlebum and Harperson with a vengeance, but they have nobody in their ranks with sufficient guts or callibre to offer in their stead. Not that Harperson can be considered a person of callibre. She’s a street fighter who’s prepared to fight dirty – like Fondlebum.

At the same time, Brown is holed below the waterline. I disagree with Steve Richards that Brown will lead the party to a hung parliament – the whole country despises him. If he stays, his party will be annihilated at the GE. 

Fondlebum might just slither his way into the top job – he’s cunning and vicious enough to see off opposition. Should he manage it, the country will be reminded of his EU credentials, his determination to ratify the Lisbon Treaty and take us into the Euro.

That won’t go down well.

Labour’s only hope of avoiding a wipeout (and I believe they’re too dispirited a party to see it) is James Purnell and others of his ilk.

Purnell garnered for himself a smidgeon of credibility when he knifed Brown. But just a smidgeon.

All the other Labour MPs with any integrity (Field, Hoey, etc.) are LP outcasts because they refused to toe the party line, instead opting to retain integrity.

If there’s one thing people want to see in politics now, it’s integrity. So they’re sunk.

While it is depressing that these odious creatures still run our lives and ruin the country, each passing day brings fresh hari kiri from Labour’s rotting ranks.

I look forward to the day when there’s not one of them left standing.

Mandelson, Balls and Woodward vie for position

5 July 2009

Brown has been mighty cosy with Shaun Woodward lately – probably because Woodward can impart Tory tactics and inside knowledge to Brown’s desperate, dirty fight-back.

It seems that Mandy and Balls are resentful of his closeness to Brown, as they both wish to occupy that very position – Mandelson, because he wants to control Brown, and Balls, because he wants Brown’s job.

Neither want an ex-Tory MP mucking up their chances.

Once Woodward’s out of the way, they might turn on each other.


Read the Mail‘s article.

Another Labour cover up

5 July 2009

Mandelson has called in the Serious Fraud Office to investigate potential criminal action leading to the collapse of MG Rover before the 2005 general election. This has enabled Mandelson to claim that he cannot publish the report now for legal reasons.

A report was due to be published this month after four years of deliberation and was expected to show that Labour “wasted £6 million propping up the car company”, only for it to collapse anyway, weeks later, with a loss of 6,300 jobs.

The regulatory Financial Reporting Council was to investigate Phoenix Venture Holdings’s use of £450 million acquired when it took over from BMW a few years earlier.

There were mumblings of asset stripping perpetrated by the directors at the time. Now, we have to wonder if that wasn’t all spin put out by Labour as they revert time and again to the same old tactics that worked for them previously.

According to the Times:

“The former directors of MG Rover – John Towers, Peter Beale, Nick Stephenson and John Edwards, known as the Phoenix Four – have reacted with fury. They claim they kept MG Rover afloat for five years and did everything possible to secure its future.

“They said workers who lost their jobs deserved to know why ministers withdrew a £100m bridging loan at the last minute. “Four years and £16m of taxpayers’ money have been swallowed up on this inquiry, and the directors’ major concern is that it will fail to get to the heart of the matter: why the government withdrew its offer of a loan to the company at the 11th hour,” they said in a statement.”

The report had been delayed by Labour until after the 2005 general election, given MG Rover’s location in the Midlands – Labour’s hearlands. Now that its heartlands are under threat, Labour might well to try and pull the same stunt again and delay the report’s publication until after the next general election. In a joint statement, the four said: “Four years on, any suggestion of another further investigation is frankly ridiculous and smacks of kicking this issue into the long grass.”

Vince Cable said: “I welcome the introduction of the fraud squad into what appears to be a major corporate scandal, but it must not be used as a smokescreen to hide what the public needs to know about the use of taxpayers’ money.”


Just how many times do they think they are going to get away with these tired old tactics?

Meddleslime is due to make a statement to the House on Monday. What’s the bet he leaks it to the press first – or, more brazenly, drops it into a morning radio or TV chat?

I’d put money on that happening.

Tom Utley’s conspiracy theory

26 June 2009

Tom Utley is 95% sure that Mandy is propping up Brown in order to secure the prize of the Lisbon Treaty – the deliverance of the UK on a plate to the EU, for his traitor’s shekels. Brown is happy to oblige, so keen is he to cling to power and so keen is he to further the EU projekt.

Utley is not alone. Many of us have suspected this ever since the Prince of Darkness descended upon Westminster to revive the fortunes of McBean the walking dead. Dan Hannan weighed in with his belief that this indeed was the case.

Cameron disowns Clarke’s remarks on Lisbon

21 June 2009

Last week, Ken Clark alarmed prospective Tory voter by proclaiming:

“If the Irish referendum endorses the treaty and ratification comes into effect, then our settled policy is quite clear that the treaty will not be reopened.

“But it has also been said by David Cameron – and he means it – that it will not rest there, and he will want to start discussions on divisions of competence between national states and the centre of the EU.”

Now the Telegraph “understands” that Cameron and Osborne have sought to assure MPs that Clarke’s remarks were not in accord with their “strongly eurosceptic” stance on Europe which is to reduce the power of Brussels.

Cameron has still not pledged to hold a referendum on the treaty should all member states have ratified it when the Tories come to power, as articulated by Tory MP, Philip Davies:

“We need to bring powers back from Europe but I don’t think it’s clear at the moment how we are going to do it. What happens if the Irish vote ‘yes’, which they probably will? That is when William Hague’s problems begin. We are pinning our hopes on it not being ratified but it looks as if it will be so we desperately need a plan B. I don’t think there is one.”

“I don’t see how we can repatriate a few powers here and there unless we are prepared to use the nuclear option which is to say ‘if you don’t allow us to have these powers back we are going to leave the EU altogether’. That is the only way you can negotiate.”

None of which is reassuring.

We can be sure that Brown intends to cling to power until the treaty is ratified – which could happen by October, should the Irish vote Yes. The Czechs have said they would ratify the treaty only if the Irish vote Yes.

Dan Hannan believes that Mandelson is prepared to destroy Labour, by propping up lame-duck Brown, until the treaty is ratified, knowing that Cameron would kill it if he does not. Hannan says:

“European Commissioners are obsessed with the need to keep David Cameron at bay until the Lisbon Treaty is ratified.”

… and that “Mandelson is their agent, their man in Westminster.”

Dan Hannan’s article suggests that Brussels is pulling Mandelson’s strings, exerting its influence over a sovereign state. That it is subverting our democracy via an unelected Mandelson, to gain power over Britain.

The EU lavishly rewards leaders and politicos of sovereign states who sell their countries for lucre. The EU is a cancer, each of its mutant politico cells spreading their corruption through nation states, laying waste to all that is healthy in democracy.

Archbishop Mandelson

13 June 2009

Hague mocks Mandelson – Dissolution of Parliament debate

10 June 2009

Update: The motion to dissolve Parliament and trigger an immediate general election was lost – 340 to 268 in a secret ballot.

Isn’t it perverse that a government with a majority can vote to keep itself in power?

There are 321 349 Labour MPs and I assume that most, if not all, voted against dissolution. If so, then only 19 MPs from parties other than Labour it is reasonable to assume that all MPs other than Labour MPs voted to dissolve Parliament.

The motion was tabled by Plaid Cymru and the SNP and backed by the opposition parties. SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson called for an “historic, reforming election” to rebuild the public’s trust in politics, as the Labour government lacked moral authority.