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Ipsos Mori Public Sector voting intentions

16 June 2009

Unison commissioned Ipsos Mori to determine the voting intentions of the population at large and a ‘booster sample’ of public sector workers. Public sector workers are more inclined to vote Labour than the public at large.

Public at large:

CON 39% (-1),

LAB 25% (+7),

LDEM 19% (+1)

… which leaves 17% undecided or voting for other parties.

Public Sector workers:

CON 32% (-1)

LAB 25% (+7)

LDEM 19% (+1)

… which leaves 24% undecided or voting for other parties.

Ipsos MORI interviewed a representative quota sample of 1,001 adults in Great Britain aged 18 and over. Interviews were conducted by telephone between 12th and 14th June 2009. In addition, Ipsos MORI conducted 251 ‘booster’ interviews among public sector workers

  • Data are weighted to match the profile of the population by gender, age, working status (including public vs. private sector workers), region, housing tenure, social class and car ownership.
  • Voting data percentages are based on all naming a party.
  • Trend data based on c.1,000 GB adults aged 18+ unless otherwise specified.


Will Toynbee switch allegiance to the LibDems?

10 June 2009

Polly Toynbee interviewed Nick Clegg after the election results. It was a heated interview and one of the most interesting and informative I’ve seen for a while.

It struck me that Toynbee was disillusioned with Brown’s leadership and interestingly, was looking for a new home for disgruntled Labour supporters in the LibDem party. Clegg’s replies were refreshingly detailed and frank, delivered with passion and conviction.

Has Polly decided to switch to the LibDems?

ICM Poll: Labour in 3rd place behind LibDems

30 May 2009

  • Labour is behind the LibDems for the first time since 1987 – 22 years
  • 22% is the lowest level of support recorded for Labour since 1984.

Asked who they’d support in the local and European elections on 4th June:

1st: Con 29%
2nd: LibDem 20%
3rd: Lab 17% (down from 22.5%)
4th: Greens 11%
5th: UKIP 10%
6th: BNP 5%

Asked who was most damaged by the MPs’ expenses scandal:

LibDems 2%
Conservatives 13%
Labour 54%

25% said that the three main parties had been equally damaged.

Asked when a general election should be held:

Now: 35%
Autumn 2009: 19%
2010: 39%

Dan Hannan predicts Tory victory in EU Elections

21 May 2009

As Conservative Party workers and activists despair at the public’s fury over sleaze, and newspapers foresee a hemorrhaging of voters from the big three to smaller parties, Dan Hannan predicts a good Tory win on June 4th.

He might be right. Over the past few months, both Dan and Douglas Carswell have electrified the political arena with their powerful logic and unmistakable integrity as they bashed together the heads of the venal, troughing MPs who have shamed the office they swore to uphold.

A timely book, co-authored by Dan and Douglas, The Plan: Twelve Months to Renew Britain clearly sets out their vision of a better Britain and it is just what we need.

Still, Nigel Farage is upbeat, as he is sure to hoover up support from Labourites and Liberal voters, disaffected by their parties’ refusal to stand by their manifesto pledges to offer a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

Labour and the LibDems are surely aware that UKIP’s ascendency is largely due to the referendum, immigration and big state issues. Were voters angry about the venality of MPs and political corruption alone, many would choose to spoil their ballot papers or not vote at all. All parties have seriously misjudged people’s anger over loss of sovereignty. After all, permission to lead Britain was lent to politicians by the electorate for a limited term; it was not theirs to sign away for a greedily trousered 30 pieces of silver.

The truth will dawn on Labour and the LibDems after the votes have been counted, that they played a shabby EU game and have been deservedly and decisively cast out into the wilderness.

Shock YouGov Poll – Landslide for Tories

14 May 2009

The Sun’s YouGov poll shows:

Conservatives on 41%,
Labour on 22%
LibDems on 19%
UKIP on 19% (up 12 points)

So LibDems are level-pegging with UKIP and just 3 points behind Labour.

The Sun claims that “Chancellor Alistair Darling, justice secretary Jack Straw, defence supremo John Hutton and Home Secretary Jacqui Smith would all be sent packing”.

Assuming that the Tories can maintain this lead, the Sun calculates that it would have a majority of 152 in a general election. But with more revelations on MPs expenses out this week, almost anything can happen to the political landscape.