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Good reads

12 August 2009

The trouble with Labour is that they never grasp the consequences – Simon Heffer, Telegraph

Chimps and the Righteous – Dick Puddlecote
More Charity Scaremongery – Dick Puddlecote (he’s inspired today)


Good reads

12 July 2009

What kind of country sacks a dinner lady for telling the truth? – Richard Littlejohn catalogs the hypocrisies and scapegoating of Labour

We’ve had enough of con artists – Janet Daley analyses the political and artistic illusionists that have blighted this country for over a decade

No inquiries, No charges, No evidence – News of the World attacks the Guardian on its credibility, integrity and journalistic standards

The sun and the oceans do not lie – Christopher Booker exposes the growing AGW “counter-consensus”, tripping up the warmists who blindly believe the science is “settled”

More to follow …