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Dan Hannan: totus porcus

27 May 2009

At a time when the intellectual pygmies of this world, such as Jack Straw, pretend to have the answer to our broken politics – which Labour brokeDan Hannan and Douglas Carswell produce the solution that we all instinctively know to be right.

Contrast Straw’s twisted logic and purported objectives for a British constitution with Dan’s and Douglas’s intellectually sharp and elegant logic, which characterises The Plan.

Straw’s offerings are just what we have come to expect from this shabby Labour government – craven, dishonest and useless at best. At worst, Straw’s proposed British Constitution would further destroy the freedoms of the individual and further empower the state. Under common law, the individual has a number of inalienable rights. Jack Straw seeks to override these rights such that any freedom not explicitly granted to the individual is implicitly disallowed. This amounts to a gross perversion of the freedoms that we have enjoyed over the centuries.

Straw’s proposed constitution results in a curtailment of freedoms and an increase in state power while doing nothing to increase the accountability of the ruling ‘elite’.

Today in the Telegraph, Dan Hannan describes Cameron’s adoption of the ideas in book The Plan, co-authored by Dan and Douglas.

Dan argues that he will be returned to Brussels on June 5th precisely because he is a beneficiary of the party list system by which party whips have purloined power from the electorate.

Dan writes (my emphasis):

The solutions which David Cameron goes on to propose are drawn directly from that text, and from its sequel, The Plan: Twelve Months to Renew Britain, which I co-authored with Douglas Carswell six months ago: local control over schools, housing and policing; fewer MPs; more power for councils; referendums, local and national; legislation by citizens’ initiative; a shift in power from the executive and judicial branches of government to the legislature; weaker Whips; the end of the patronage powers enjoyed by the Prime Minister under Crown Prerogative; the appointment of public officials through open parliamentary hearings.

Six months ago, these ideas were widely dismissed as both abstruse (“no one is interested in constitutional reform”) and impractical (“yes yes, Hannan, but back in the real world…”). The expenses revelations have made them seem not just pertinent, but urgent. David Cameron has spotted this and, with the decisiveness that has characterised his response to the allowances crisis, has adopted the agenda whole hog – totus porcus.

He reminds us that the corruption of politics will not be achievable while some MPs have what is essentially a job for life (my emphasis):

As long as 70 per cent of seats are safe, the only way for an MP to lose his job is to fall out with his party. That is the argument for open primaries, which will abolish the concept of a safe seat.

Read Dan’s article.


Cameron adopts The Plan by Dan Hannan and Douglas Carswell

26 May 2009

In a speech to the Open University in Milton Keynes today, Cameron has set out a raft of policies to reform government and make it more accountable to the people. Many of the policies amount to a direct adoption of ideas produced by Dan Hannan and Douglas Carswell in their best-selling book The Plan: Twelve Months to Renew Britain.

The Plan: Twelve Months to Renew Britain clearly sets out their vision of a better Britain and it comes at just the right time, as I blogged a few days ago.

Not since the Winter of Discontent has the public been in such a lather over the state of the UK’s economy and its politics. The public is in a murderous mood, after suffering 12 years under the worst two Prime Ministers in our history – Blair and Brown.

Cameron has judged the public mood accurately and should be handsomely rewarded in the polls.

Update: Dan Hannan calls on the Queen to dissolve Parliament.

Dan Hannan predicts Tory victory in EU Elections

21 May 2009

As Conservative Party workers and activists despair at the public’s fury over sleaze, and newspapers foresee a hemorrhaging of voters from the big three to smaller parties, Dan Hannan predicts a good Tory win on June 4th.

He might be right. Over the past few months, both Dan and Douglas Carswell have electrified the political arena with their powerful logic and unmistakable integrity as they bashed together the heads of the venal, troughing MPs who have shamed the office they swore to uphold.

A timely book, co-authored by Dan and Douglas, The Plan: Twelve Months to Renew Britain clearly sets out their vision of a better Britain and it is just what we need.

Still, Nigel Farage is upbeat, as he is sure to hoover up support from Labourites and Liberal voters, disaffected by their parties’ refusal to stand by their manifesto pledges to offer a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

Labour and the LibDems are surely aware that UKIP’s ascendency is largely due to the referendum, immigration and big state issues. Were voters angry about the venality of MPs and political corruption alone, many would choose to spoil their ballot papers or not vote at all. All parties have seriously misjudged people’s anger over loss of sovereignty. After all, permission to lead Britain was lent to politicians by the electorate for a limited term; it was not theirs to sign away for a greedily trousered 30 pieces of silver.

The truth will dawn on Labour and the LibDems after the votes have been counted, that they played a shabby EU game and have been deservedly and decisively cast out into the wilderness.

Speaker’s to step down on 21st June 2009

19 May 2009

Speaker Martin, in a statement to the House of Commons, announced that he will be relinquishing his role as Speaker on 21st June 2009 and that a new Speaker would be elected on 22nd June 2009.

One down, 100s to go …

Watch his speech.

There was a failed attempt to oust Speaker Martin last year when he blocked a Freedom of Information request for full details of MPs’ expenses.

Douglas Carswell, the hero in this piece, led a fearless, unprecedented campaign to rid the House of the Speaker and to clean up politics – and he won.

Speaker Martin to resign today

19 May 2009

Speaker Michael Martin is to resign today. He is expected to announce his resignation at 14:30 in the House of Commons.

I suspect he’ll try to get away with stepping down at the General Election, in order to hang onto his generous salary and pension. Should he be so daft, he’ll face another raft of moves against him, such as Douglas Carswell’s Substantive Motion of no confidence in the Speaker, which would have to be permitted by Gordon Brown in order to be debated in the Commons. This would put Brown in an intolerable position because Brown had previously told the country that this is “not a matter for the Government”. He’d be forced to admit that he was wrong, or lying.

Motion of No Confidence in Speaker Michael Martin

18 May 2009

Lobby your MP to sign Douglas Carswell’s Motion of No Confidence in Speaker Martin. Email him/her via or telephone House of Commons on 020 7219 3000 and speak to your MP directly.

Douglas Carswell tabled a and Early Day Motion of No Confidence in Speaker Martin and urges him to resign.

Today, in the Speaker’s statement to the House of Commons, he made it clear that he had no intention of resigning.

Several MPs raised points of order, telling Martin that he had lost the confidence of the House and that he should go.

Speaker Martin will not allow the Early Day Motion to be debated in the House and, advised by his clerks, told the House that in order to have a debate on the issue, a Substantive Motion would have to be tabled and that it was up to the government (McMental) to allow the motion.

Ridding the Commons of the Gorbals Mick

12 May 2009

Douglas Carswell‘s campaign to rid the Commons of Speaker Martin is gathering pace.

Peter Oborne and Quentin Lettswrote scathingly of Speaker Martin in the Mail. The Guardian, The Times and the Telegraph carry support articles and even the BBC appears sympathetic.

And now Nick Clegg has openly stated that Michael Martin “got it wrong”.

David Winnick requested in the Commons today that Martin apologise to Kate Hoey for his inappropriate remarks. Martin side-stepped the request, by saying this was yesterday’s news and that “we should move on”. What an underhand slime-ball.

Listen to Winnick’s and Martin’s exchange.

Only Cyclops McMental, he the man of spectacularly bad judgement, supports Martin.

Write to your MP and urge him/her to support Douglas Carswell’s motion of no confidence.

Carswell tables motion to oust Speaker Martin

11 May 2009

The odious Speaker Martin was in a foul mood in the Commons today as he read his statement on MPs expenses to the House. Perhaps he was aware of Douglas Carswell’s looming motion of no confidence, the text of which was approved today.

Martin has brought Parliament into disrepute with his partisan stance, stifling debate, pushing through lax expenses ‘rules’, abusing the expenses privilege and worst of all, allowing the police to arrest Damian Green and calling for a police enquiry into leaks on expenses.

Speaker Martin has form in bringing the police into the Commons. This alone should be enough to persuade MPs to back Carswell’s motion of no confidence because he is there to protect MPs’ rights to represent their constituents against abuses of power.

Today, he vented his spleen on Kate Hoey when she dared suggest that police time would be better spent on policing, rather than investigating leaks in the Commons. Kate Hoey told Eddie Mair on PM tonight that she wished Betty Boothroyd were still the Speaker. It takes guts to say that and Hoey has proven herself to be a conviction politician with integrity – qualities sorely lacking in the Commons these days.

Michael Martin is an utter disgrace and should go as soon as possible.

Douglas Carswell blogs:

Motion of no confidence in the Speaker

Enough is enough.

I’ve drafted the text of a motion for the Speaker to quit, and to be replaced by a new Speaker with a mandate to clean up the Commons. I’m consulting the Commons Table Office for advice on it.

I’m also starting to canvass for support for it from colleagues.

UPDATE: Table Office has just approved some text for a suitable motion.

Write to your MP and urge him/her to back Carswell’s motion.

Let’s hope Carswell manages to get the required number of votes to oust the despicable man.

Update: The Spectator wades in