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Freedom Watch: Judge Napolitano

8 August 2009

Judge Napolitano’s guests are Dan Hannan, Congressman Dr Ron Paul, Dr Rand Paul (running for Senate), Peter Schiff (running for Senate).

Topics discussed: socialised medicine and the NHS, unsustainable debt, big government, reduction of freedoms, corruption, career politicians.

This week’s show is hugely relevant to the UK – highly recommended.


Dan Hannan tells the US of dangers of socialism

8 August 2009

Hat tip: Tory Bear


While Dan Hannan warns America of the dangers of socialised medicine, the Left are determined to ride roughshod over the constitution and the wishes of the people. Obama might come unstuck over this issue as it attempts to drive a stake through the freedom-loving American heart.

My Doubts puts it so well:

It appears that, as is so often the case with authoritarians, Obama has broken the law in even asking for this information. I do hope this is tested in court and he is humiliated. He has already received bad publicity from this incredibly stupid email, more can only be better.

Still the Left does not want to know, because it still does not doubt. This is why, dear reader, that on the subject of the Left and most especially Barack Obama, I have always had My Doubts.
Glen Reynolds, of Instapundit, is the ultimate source of all links, so many, many fine hats tipped to the great legal academic.

Update: the US Democrats are willing to stack an ‘open’ meeting with union members just to avoid having to listen to their opponents. They don’t want to know.

Update: it appears that Barack Obama is breaking another article of the same privacy law. David Hardy, the blogger who points this out, reckons this to be a far more serious breach. Oh, dear.

Does the German Parliament control the EU?

15 July 2009

The Deutsche Welle editor, Christoph Hasselbach, posed an interesting question in its interview with Hans-Gert Poettering:

The German Constitutional Court has now given the German parliament more say in European matters. One could also interpret this as meaning that the national parliament is now the actual place where European legislation is made. Does this not weaken the European parliament?

If it weakens the EP, does it not strengthen Germany’s power over it, at the expense of every other member nation?

Dan Hannan was threatened with expulsion from the EP early last year for alluding to Hans-Gert Poettering’s behaviour as somewhat nazi-like. Dan was chastised unfairly, I think. Poettering chose to “disapply the rules” where sceptics were concerned, so I’m sure he won’t be missed the sceptics.

Dan Hannan – Supremo eurosceptic

10 July 2009

Damn! He’s good!

Read his blog.

Recommended Reads

21 June 2009

Cameron disowns Clarke’s remarks on Lisbon

21 June 2009

Last week, Ken Clark alarmed prospective Tory voter by proclaiming:

“If the Irish referendum endorses the treaty and ratification comes into effect, then our settled policy is quite clear that the treaty will not be reopened.

“But it has also been said by David Cameron – and he means it – that it will not rest there, and he will want to start discussions on divisions of competence between national states and the centre of the EU.”

Now the Telegraph “understands” that Cameron and Osborne have sought to assure MPs that Clarke’s remarks were not in accord with their “strongly eurosceptic” stance on Europe which is to reduce the power of Brussels.

Cameron has still not pledged to hold a referendum on the treaty should all member states have ratified it when the Tories come to power, as articulated by Tory MP, Philip Davies:

“We need to bring powers back from Europe but I don’t think it’s clear at the moment how we are going to do it. What happens if the Irish vote ‘yes’, which they probably will? That is when William Hague’s problems begin. We are pinning our hopes on it not being ratified but it looks as if it will be so we desperately need a plan B. I don’t think there is one.”

“I don’t see how we can repatriate a few powers here and there unless we are prepared to use the nuclear option which is to say ‘if you don’t allow us to have these powers back we are going to leave the EU altogether’. That is the only way you can negotiate.”

None of which is reassuring.

We can be sure that Brown intends to cling to power until the treaty is ratified – which could happen by October, should the Irish vote Yes. The Czechs have said they would ratify the treaty only if the Irish vote Yes.

Dan Hannan believes that Mandelson is prepared to destroy Labour, by propping up lame-duck Brown, until the treaty is ratified, knowing that Cameron would kill it if he does not. Hannan says:

“European Commissioners are obsessed with the need to keep David Cameron at bay until the Lisbon Treaty is ratified.”

… and that “Mandelson is their agent, their man in Westminster.”

Dan Hannan’s article suggests that Brussels is pulling Mandelson’s strings, exerting its influence over a sovereign state. That it is subverting our democracy via an unelected Mandelson, to gain power over Britain.

The EU lavishly rewards leaders and politicos of sovereign states who sell their countries for lucre. The EU is a cancer, each of its mutant politico cells spreading their corruption through nation states, laying waste to all that is healthy in democracy.

Today’s top articles and blogs

19 June 2009

On Sunday, the Telegraph plans to publish full details of all MPs’ expenses and correspondence with the Fees Office, only blanking out telephone numbers and bank details. Next week, it will make available an online searchable version of this information.

MPs may now face a legal challenge, as Parliament stands accused of subverting a High Court judgment which ordered the full disclosure of the taxpayer-funded expense claims last year.

The Telegraph’s Leader is scathing about Parliament’s handling of the expenses scandal

In the Mail, Tom Utley catalogs Brown’s lies

Dan Hannan gives the Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Yusuf al-Barroso a verbal biffing

Ben Brogan highlights the confusion sewn by MPs on the redacting culprits

NO to the Lisbon Treaty: Vote UKIP

28 May 2009

If this were not such a critical juncture in British politics, I would cast my EU vote for the Conservatives – and Dan Hannan.

But I’ll be voting for UKIP because the Conservative Party refuses to pledge that it will repeal the Lisbon Treaty, should it be ratified by all EU members by the time the Conservatives come to power.

If you’re undecided about who to vote for, watch these videos:

The UK Independence Party has a wealth of videos, should you want to know more. Still undecided? Check out their vision, policies and manifesto.

Dan Hannan: totus porcus

27 May 2009

At a time when the intellectual pygmies of this world, such as Jack Straw, pretend to have the answer to our broken politics – which Labour brokeDan Hannan and Douglas Carswell produce the solution that we all instinctively know to be right.

Contrast Straw’s twisted logic and purported objectives for a British constitution with Dan’s and Douglas’s intellectually sharp and elegant logic, which characterises The Plan.

Straw’s offerings are just what we have come to expect from this shabby Labour government – craven, dishonest and useless at best. At worst, Straw’s proposed British Constitution would further destroy the freedoms of the individual and further empower the state. Under common law, the individual has a number of inalienable rights. Jack Straw seeks to override these rights such that any freedom not explicitly granted to the individual is implicitly disallowed. This amounts to a gross perversion of the freedoms that we have enjoyed over the centuries.

Straw’s proposed constitution results in a curtailment of freedoms and an increase in state power while doing nothing to increase the accountability of the ruling ‘elite’.

Today in the Telegraph, Dan Hannan describes Cameron’s adoption of the ideas in book The Plan, co-authored by Dan and Douglas.

Dan argues that he will be returned to Brussels on June 5th precisely because he is a beneficiary of the party list system by which party whips have purloined power from the electorate.

Dan writes (my emphasis):

The solutions which David Cameron goes on to propose are drawn directly from that text, and from its sequel, The Plan: Twelve Months to Renew Britain, which I co-authored with Douglas Carswell six months ago: local control over schools, housing and policing; fewer MPs; more power for councils; referendums, local and national; legislation by citizens’ initiative; a shift in power from the executive and judicial branches of government to the legislature; weaker Whips; the end of the patronage powers enjoyed by the Prime Minister under Crown Prerogative; the appointment of public officials through open parliamentary hearings.

Six months ago, these ideas were widely dismissed as both abstruse (“no one is interested in constitutional reform”) and impractical (“yes yes, Hannan, but back in the real world…”). The expenses revelations have made them seem not just pertinent, but urgent. David Cameron has spotted this and, with the decisiveness that has characterised his response to the allowances crisis, has adopted the agenda whole hog – totus porcus.

He reminds us that the corruption of politics will not be achievable while some MPs have what is essentially a job for life (my emphasis):

As long as 70 per cent of seats are safe, the only way for an MP to lose his job is to fall out with his party. That is the argument for open primaries, which will abolish the concept of a safe seat.

Read Dan’s article.

Cameron adopts The Plan by Dan Hannan and Douglas Carswell

26 May 2009

In a speech to the Open University in Milton Keynes today, Cameron has set out a raft of policies to reform government and make it more accountable to the people. Many of the policies amount to a direct adoption of ideas produced by Dan Hannan and Douglas Carswell in their best-selling book The Plan: Twelve Months to Renew Britain.

The Plan: Twelve Months to Renew Britain clearly sets out their vision of a better Britain and it comes at just the right time, as I blogged a few days ago.

Not since the Winter of Discontent has the public been in such a lather over the state of the UK’s economy and its politics. The public is in a murderous mood, after suffering 12 years under the worst two Prime Ministers in our history – Blair and Brown.

Cameron has judged the public mood accurately and should be handsomely rewarded in the polls.

Update: Dan Hannan calls on the Queen to dissolve Parliament.