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Things that enrage

13 August 2009

Lickspittle Ainsworth accuses the public of letting down the troops by adopting a “defeatist” attitude, while he refuses to take the blame for needless deaths of troops ill-equipped by his department.

While innocent members of the public are prosecuted for minor offences such as littering – under the terrorism Act – an actual terrorist might be freed on compassionate grounds by the Scottish Mafia. The poor dear has willy cancer.


Bob Ainsworth exclusive photo

30 July 2009
This exclusive photo of Bob Ainsworth has been leaked to me by a contact in the British Armed Forces. It was taken by one of ‘Our Boys’ shortly after Bob the Knob’s last moral boosting visit to the British Forces, stationed in the Afghan desert. One can only assume that they weren’t too impressed by the bullshit spouting, spineless twat and that it’s fairly safe to say that their moral was none too boosted either . . . .

Lifted wholesale from the talented: Grumpy Old Twat