Tamiflu does more harm than good

Quelle surprise!

Research shows that Tamiflu does more harm than good* when given to children between 1 and 12 years old.

And feeble-brained government ministers have been getting untrained call-centre staff to recommend Tamiflu to patients – even if they do not have swine flu symptoms. Are they really sufficiently qualified to recommend the taking of a drug which has potentially fatal side-effects?

How much of our money have they wasted on something that is not only not necessary, but is positively harmful?

* British Medical Journal

Update (11 July 2009):

One commenter on one of my previous swine flu posts asserted that it was criminal to advise people not to take Tamiflu. I hope he is eating his words now. The Mail provides a good example of the harm Tamiflu can cause.


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