MPs and Police above the law

It was this Conservative election poster from half a century ago that predicted life under Labour; prodnoses intruding at every opportunity.

1,183 Met Police employees committed fraud against the taxpayer by abusing their American Express cards and the response from Senior officers was? Why, they “were so overwhelmed by the number of cases” that they decided not to punish the offenders. Instead, the police fraudsters would be given “training and guidance”.*

And we have yet to hear of any prosecutions of fraudster MPs by the Met. What a cosy relationship they must have.

Meanwhile, every 60 seconds, an innocent member of the public is being clandestinely spied upon by snooping bureaucrats for suspected ‘crimes’ as petty as dropping litter – under anti-terrorism law, RIPA. The next government should put a stop to these outrageous intrusions into our privacy.

The government and the police get away scott free with proven fraud, while we suffer at their hands for the pettiest of ‘offences’.

Nobody should be above the law. If lawmakers were subject to the laws that they draft, they’d doubtless draft them a tad more carefully.

Hat tip to Raedwald for the poster.

Of these cases, 50 were passed to independent investigators. Three officers have since been convicted of criminal offences and two more await trial.

Jenny Jones, of the Metropolitan Police Authority, said training and guidance is “not enough” and some disciplinary action should be taken. She said: “I find it unacceptable that the police have just let these officers go with guidance. They must have known what they were doing was wrong.”


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