Private health insurance to be illegal in America

Americans are furious about Obama’s socialised medicine bill, “HR 3200: America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009“, and rightly so.

Here are just a few items of many more that people are seething about:

Page 16: Private health insurance will become illegal. People will lose their existing policies if they change jobs, if they change coverage, or if the price of the health insurance changes. I.e., when any aspect of their private health insurance changes, after this bill goes into effect, they can’t renew it. They will then be forced to use the government’s health insurance.

Page 29: Health care will be rationed.

Page 42: the health care commissioner will decide who gets what health benefits – the American public will have no choice.

Page 58: everyone will be issued with a national ID health card.

Page 59, The government will have real-time access to all everyone’s bank accounts for electronic funds transfer. They will then debit people’s accounts for health expenses.

Page 72: all private health care plans must conform to government rules to participate in a health care exchange. I.e., will be controlling insurance companies.

Page 195: Any individual who does not have acceptable health care, defined by the government, will be taxed 2.5% of their income each year.

Officers and employees of government health care bureaucracy will have access to all American financial and personal records.

Page 203, the bill explicitly states: “the tax imposed under this section shall not be treated as a tax“! (Ah, just like our National ‘Insurance’!). I guess Americans can expect this tax to be inflated to fund other government projects, just like our government does with NI.

Why force this government health care insurance on people?

Is this a means of forcing a biometric ID card on people? Will doctors be forced to hand over Americans’ DNA for America’s own DNA database?

Will people be refused other health care if they refuse to be vaccinated for swine flu?

Oh, by the way, Obama plans to quarantine people in their homes on any medical pretext – defined by the government, of course. For example, British Columbia brought in a new public health act last year which was described as giving health officials “stronger powers to protect the public against communicable diseases such as pandemic influenza.”

Under the new act, the province can order vaccinations or examinations and quarantine people. Health officials can also enforce the act using peace officers, warrants and even court orders.

No wonder Americans believe they’re headed for martial law. This is big government in your face. They’re not even hiding it any more.


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