Labour’s hari kiri: annihilation awaits

Voice of the Resistance has written a heart-felt piece today, with which many of us will have sympathy.

The Labour Party conference will be interesting. Should there be plans to oust Brown before the GE, we should see stirrings at the conference. Steve Richards rightly asserts that if Fondlebum and Harperson run for Leadership of the Labour party, they will further decimate what pitiful credibility they have left.

Labour MPs hate Fondlebum and Harperson with a vengeance, but they have nobody in their ranks with sufficient guts or callibre to offer in their stead. Not that Harperson can be considered a person of callibre. She’s a street fighter who’s prepared to fight dirty – like Fondlebum.

At the same time, Brown is holed below the waterline. I disagree with Steve Richards that Brown will lead the party to a hung parliament – the whole country despises him. If he stays, his party will be annihilated at the GE. 

Fondlebum might just slither his way into the top job – he’s cunning and vicious enough to see off opposition. Should he manage it, the country will be reminded of his EU credentials, his determination to ratify the Lisbon Treaty and take us into the Euro.

That won’t go down well.

Labour’s only hope of avoiding a wipeout (and I believe they’re too dispirited a party to see it) is James Purnell and others of his ilk.

Purnell garnered for himself a smidgeon of credibility when he knifed Brown. But just a smidgeon.

All the other Labour MPs with any integrity (Field, Hoey, etc.) are LP outcasts because they refused to toe the party line, instead opting to retain integrity.

If there’s one thing people want to see in politics now, it’s integrity. So they’re sunk.

While it is depressing that these odious creatures still run our lives and ruin the country, each passing day brings fresh hari kiri from Labour’s rotting ranks.

I look forward to the day when there’s not one of them left standing.


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