Be a constitutional watchdog: keep the government in check

We need a programme like this. Who might host it?

Update: Thanks to Barking Spider for his suggestion. As a result of it, I’ve spent the day emailing TV production companies as follows:

Subject: New programme idea – “Constitution Watch”

Dear Production Team,

Like so many people in the country today, I have growing concerns about the state of the country, the dangerous tinkering with our constitution that has been taking place and the consequent loss of our freedoms, day by day.

New laws are being introduced and amended at a frenetic pace which has serious consequences for the democratic process as these laws and amendments are barely scrutinised by MPs, as they are rushed through the House.

It is almost impossible to keep track of all the changes to the law, let alone hold the government to account.

Glenn Beck, of Fox News, has a terrific solution to this problem, which I would like to see implemented in the UK.

The gist of the proposed new programme:

We, the public, become watchdogs of the government, each in our own sphere of knowledge (e.g., the Lisbon Treaty, constitutional law, liberty issues, privacy issues) and we inform the programme’s host (perhaps Trevor MacDonald?) who then brings the issues we raise to the attention of the public each day/week.

Please watch this video for full information about Glenn Beck’s idea

I believe such a programme here would be immensely popular and should be grateful if you would consider producing it.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Should you wish to do the same, send emails to:



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