6-year-old exhibits paintings at gallery

Glass half full day, brings you positive news – all freaking day!

From the Telegraph:

The youngster has shown remarkable artistic talent since he first asked for a pencil and pad on holiday last year.

His eye for colour has been lauded by several artists, as has his confidence when applying brush to canvas.

Keiron was deemed to be so good that a local art gallery in his home town of Holt, in Norfolk, paid for him to attend a 12-week art adult class in January.

The primary school boy was taught in oils and watercolour and is now exhibiting his work at a gallery, The Last Picture Show in Town, as part of a week-long festival in the town.

Keiron has also been lined up for an exhibition at another gallery at Christmas.

His speciality is landscapes, inspired from scenes around his Norfolk home, and he gets up early every morning to paint before school.

Adrian Hill, who runs the Picturecraft Gallery in Holt, said he had known Keiron since he was a baby, as he was friends with his parents Keith and Michelle.

“To watch him paint is absolutely magnificent, it is quite incredible give how young he is. He has this element of confidence, he is not afraid of trying something new.

“As a very small child he would always prefer looking at paintings to having a bedtime story.”

The boy’s family went on holiday to Cornwall last year and he asked for something to draw with. Since then, he has never looked back.

Mr Hill said: “We sponsored him through the adult class and the other artists were absolutely astounded by his work. Not only can he draw, he knows how to mix colours – it is in his head.”

Although the paintings being exhibited this weekend are not for sale, Mr Hill said he would expect his future works of art to sell for at least £100 each.

According to his mother Michelle Williamson, Keiron had no interest in art until a family holiday last May.

Up to then he had been ‘a typical boy who goes at about 200 miles an hour’ and whose idea of fun was playing football or riding his bicycle. He still loves sport and playing on his X-Box, but art now takes pride of place.

On holiday the Devon and Cornwall scenery inspired him to draw boats in a children’s sketchbook – and when he got home they caught the eye of family friend Carol Ann Pennington, who runs a gallery and is an artist in her own right.

Pssst… Calling England, he’s not a cute animal. Does that count?


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