Man-made Global Warming bolleaux

The Met Office has spectacularly failed over the last three years in predicting the weather, despite spending millions on technology which was supposedly top drawer.

From WeatherAction:

WeatherAction summer forecast success reported on BBCTV 29th July as floods & tornadoes confirm Piers Corbyn’s forecast detail and Met Office admits failure

– “It’s not a question of technology but application of Physics” says Piers

– “You say you want us to publish more about our Solar Weather Technique but you (The Met Office) and Governments will not welcome that because it will pull the rug from under your belief in Man-made Global Warming. The World is now cooling and we can explain why.”

Piers Corbyn, astrophysicist of WeatherAction was interviewed on BBC News 24 at 12.30 on 29th July with brolly in hand showing his summer forecast was working while the Met Office admitted to viewers that theirs had failed. [NOTE BBC have NOT so far issued a video link of this enjoyable piece of television, we urge viewers to put in requests]

In response to the question ‘Does the technology exist?’ to do the ‘seasonal forecasting’ the Met office find so hard, Piers said: “It is not a matter of technology but of the application of Physics and equations. Just as computer models of the economy fail so does the Met office approach to long range forecasting. We can predict in detail months ahead how solar particle and magnetic effects modulated by the moon cause the Jet stream – the tracks of lows – to shift. That is the key to weather type change prediction in Britain & Ireland.”

He read out his WeatherAction summer forecast headline (see below) issued on 22 February which well describes the summer so far – and said it also gave more detail in 13 weather periods through the summer which were developed into 27 weather periods in the monthly forecasts. This contrasted dramatically with the Met Office ‘barbecue summer’ forecast issued in April – which made no attempt to identify sub-periods – and their recent meandering admissions of failure.

Piers said key points about his Solar Weather Technique (SWT) of long range forecasting are available on the web and more would come but some investors were countenancing against that. Philip Avery of BBC/Met Office then commented “Yes, because they make money”. In response to this admission by the Met Office that there is merit in WeatherAction forecasts Piers said: “Yes, more will be published but you and governments will not welcome it because it will pull the rug from under your belief in man-made global warming. The world is now cooling and we can explain why.”

Afterwards Piers said:

“Our summer forecast under SWT25d has gone excellently. We are especially pleased with the DETAIL in July (see below). Our month ahead forecast graph issued at end of June specifically predicted that Tuesday 28th July would be the best day in the S/E for a while, which it was. We said the period 29th-31st would be a ‘TOP Extra Activity’ Red Weather Warning period with High Whirlwind/tornado risk and that during this period a month’s worth of rain was likely in a few hours in places.

“These extremes have been realised. Some western parts were hit by 60mm of rain on 29th and whirlwind / tornado events hit Scotland and Western parts with floods in places. We issue weather warnings over forty days ahead while the Met Office often finds it hard to make them four hours ahead.

“It’s a pity that Climate campers don’t feel able to use our forecasts and are getting drenched once again because their dogmatic belief in the unbelievable provided by their mates in the Met Office means they cannot make weather-wise plans. I hope soon that real climate Karma will run over their Dogma!”

Green Watch has some fascinating articles on the so-called deniers of this junk science. Worth a read.


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