Tamiflu inventor makes millions from swine flu

It shouldn’t come as a surprise. On principle, I won’t be buying shares in Gilead or Roche! There are other ways of making money.

Perspicacious reports:

Swine flu is the scourge of the world – but is making one man richer every single day of the week.

Scourge of the world? What about TB, cancer, wars, economic collapse or despotic governments? I’d say they’re all just a tad worse. In any case, many of those who’ve taken Tamiflu say that the ‘cure’ is worse than the disease.

For Dr. Norbert Bischofberger, 55, is the inventor of Tamiflu, the only vaccine currently on the market to combat the pandemic. Now the owner of a luxury hotel that was once the family home in Mellau, Austria – where as a boy he built a secret lab in the attic – colleagues say science not money motivates him.

A graduate of Innsbruck, Zurich and Harvard universities, Bischofberger headed a research team to create Tamiflu, the first orally active commercially developed anti-influenza medication, for U.S. company Gilead Sciences in the 1990s.

Today he is a director of research and vice-president of Gilead in California which owns the intellectual rights to Tamiflu and outsources it to Swiss pharma giant Roche to manufacture and distribute.

He earns some £450,000 a year but has stock options and bonuses in the tens of millions of pounds. And he takes a handsome percentage said to be in the millions of Tamiflu profits as governments around the world stockpile it as the virus spreads.

But in an interview with a German Sunday newspaper it was reported he ‘gets quite angry’ if it is suggested he has become rich through a horror-virus, the fear of which is gripping the world.’ No person ever said on his death bed: I only wish I had earned more money in my life,’ he said.

The US government declares that it will not allow any exemptions from mandatory vaccinations which are reported to be underway. But WHO’s International Health Regulations state that the WHO can only recommend – not dictate mandatory vaccinations, so the decision to mass vaccinate lies with individual governments.

Three particular articles seem to indicate that should governments attempt compulsory mass vaccination, they will face class action suits from an angry public. The articles:

Article 3.1. The implementation of these Regulations shall be with full respect for the dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of persons.

Art. 23.3 No medical examination, vaccination, prophylaxis or health measure under these Regulations shall be carried out on travellers without their prior expressed informed consent or that of their parents.

Art.56.5. In the event of a dispute between WHO and one or more States Parties concerning the interpretation or application of these Regulations, the matter shall be submitted to the Health Assembly.

Update: The Mail reports:

Thousands of patients could be denied NHS treatment and left to die under ‘worst-case’ emergency plans for a swine-flu epidemic.

The blueprint would force doctors to ‘play God’ and prioritise intensive-care treatment for those most likely to benefit – ruling out patients with problems such as advanced cancer.

The ‘scoring’ system would be introduced if half the population became infected with flu.

Would our mangy, unprincipled UK government attempt mass vaccination in the UK?

If so, I hope investigative journalists will keep an eye on which Labour politicians end up with directorships in the pharmaceutical companies and whether Labour’s party coffers are augmented directly or indirectly by those companies.


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