Juicy Reads

With his usual clarity of thought and incisive argument, Daniel Hannan lashes out at the BBC for its partisanship in promoting the Greens over UKIP in the Norwich North by-election – despite UKIP proving to be more popular than the Greens.

The Mail reports that three Ethiopian exchange students went missing on a trip to Parliament. Unconvincingly, the police say their police’s primary concern is for safety of the three. Somehow, I doubt that! Their student visas expire on September 9th; I can’t help wondering if they’re hoping to extend them ‘unofficially’. Labour’s stance on this – and more importantly, its actions – will be very interesting indeed.

In an interview with the Telegraph, Venomous Balls can’t resist smearing Purnell, suggesting that his decision to quit the Cabinet in June was due to a “midlife crisis”. I look forward to Purnell’s retort. Clearly Balls doesn’t want yet another career opportunity prized from his clammy grasp, when Brown drops off his PM’s perch.

Balls will also be frothing at the mouth at the Tories’ plans to bring back O levels – killing two birds with one stone.

I doubt many would disagree of Jeremy Clarkson’s colourful description of Brown – it seems pretty apt to me!

Simon Jenkins contends that Britain is losing its sense of proportion over swine flu. I contend that the government has done everything it can to hype up this piddling disease. There are so many more important things that a government can and should concern itself about – swine flu is not one of them.


2 Responses to “Juicy Reads”

  1. Hipponess Says:

    I noticed the BBC weren't giving UKIP more than a passing nod. Worse still has been the spin they're putting on the GDP figures.
    Only they could have found an expert to come up with statistics showing these were NOT as bad as they appeared and we are coming out of the recession.

  2. Fausty Says:

    They are artful, to put it mildly.

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