UKIP wins seats in Cambridgeshire

UKIP have won their first council seats in Cambridgeshire – Cambridgeshire County Council and Huntingdonshire District Council.

In the county election, Councillor Reeve swept up with 865 votes to Conservative Councillor Sun Normington’s 682 votes.

The LibDems took 308 votes, pushing Susan Coomey (Labour) into 4th place with a pitiful 53 votes.

In the district election, Cllr Reeve also took the seat with 753 votes. Conservative Angela Curtis accrued 569, Independent Jeffrey Clarke came third with 303 and Melanie Allgood, LibDem, came fourth on 295.


5 Responses to “UKIP wins seats in Cambridgeshire”

  1. CryBaby Says:

    53 voted Labour? I bet they are employed by them.

  2. VotR Says:

    I have high hopes for UKIP after the general election. But we will see.

  3. Fausty Says:

    You might be right, CB.

    I'm surprised the Libertarians didn't do better. I also have high hopes for UKIP at the GE.

  4. banned Says:

    Haven't seen this in MSM, wonder why not ?

  5. Says:

    Is that Al Murray in the photo?

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