Labour’s lies: Labour’s planned spending cuts

Quite why Labour bothered to lie about it’s planned spending cuts is beyond me, when the official figures, published on the Treasury’s own website, trash Gordon Brown’s claims so easily.

The cuts announced amount to nearly £3 billion.

Some of Labour’s planned cuts, adjusted for inflation are to fall in:

Education: 0.11% (£100 million)
Business Department: 24.6%
Foreign and Commonwealth Office: 22%
Transport: 8%
Defense: 8%

Yet Labour is still in denial. A Treasury spokesman spins it thus:

“It is ridiculous to suggest that the Government is planning cuts in defence spending or overall spending next year. We have brought forward £3 billion of spending from 2010-11 in order to support the economy now and spending on operations in Iraq and Afghanistan — over £4 billion this year — has not yet been allocated for next year. On the basis of findings of independent advisers, the Government also announced in the Pre-Budget report that it would make £5 billion of efficiency savings next year, protecting funding for frontline services.”

Given the enormity of the UK’s rising national debt, can Labour only identify £3 billion’s worth of cuts?  That’s just not good enough, when you consider the amount of debt Labour’s saddling us with.

Thanks to its reckless spending thus far, our debt will increase to nearly £1 trillion in coming years:

2009: £175bn
2010/11: £173bn, total debt = £348bn
2011/12: £140bn, total debt = £488bn
2012/13: £118bn, total debt = £606bn
2013/14: £97bn, total debt = £703bn

All this assumes that the economy will grow by 1.25%, optimistically predicted by Darling but disputed by most economists. Stephen Gifford, chief economist at Grant Thornton, called Darling’s prediction “wildly optimistic”.

3 Responses to “Labour’s lies: Labour’s planned spending cuts”

  1. CryBaby Says:

    I'm not so sure Gordon is in denial. This is a combination of being a compulsive liar and believing we are stupid. With everything Gordon has done since 1997, the term cutting off your nose to spite you face comes to mind. What a plonk!

  2. VotR Says:

    And just announced after the last PMQ's.

    Good timing there, Gordon. What a hoon.

  3. banned Says:

    The only surprise here is that Labour have revealed their lies quite so early.

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