Blair rejected as EU president among UK voters

PoliticsHome asked a sample of 1,258 voters from across the country to consider some hypothetical scenarios, designed to get to the heart of their order of preference.

First, given the choice between Tony Blair and “some other foreign candidate” to fill the role – thought to be the scenario in which Blair would be favoured – the public still reject the idea. All groups except Labour supports choose “some other foreign candidate” over Blair. The overall result falls against the former Prime Minister by a margin of 47% to 37%.

Second, asked who would make a better President of the European Council, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, the public are overwhelmingly more supportive of Blair. He receives the majority of support from all political groups including Labour supporters, and is preferred to his former Chancellor by a margin of 57% to 11%.

Third, the public would prefer to see no European president at all. 53% of voters are against the idea of a president of the European Council, with conservative supporters (76%) and non-aligned voters (59%) most strongly against the idea.
31% of voters would like to see a European president, with Labour supporters the only political group that back the idea by a majority.


3 Responses to “Blair rejected as EU president among UK voters”

  1. banned Says:

    1) Some other foreigner
    2) Non of the above
    3) No.

  2. INCOMING!!!!!!! Says:

    Who's better then, for me and my loved ones' welfare?

    1)psycho or any other psycho?
    2)I'd want any other psycho?
    3)do I want a psycho having power of life and death over my gene pool? No fuck off!!!

    The Nazi/Soviet had their chance first half 20th century Europe.


    Nazi/Soviet paradise 0 – Dead people @100 million approx.

    We don't want any more if this shit thanks. Fuck off.

    Heads up.

  3. Barking Spider Says:

    We don't actually want any of these twats and, better still – no fucking president at all and no EU, just a Common Market like the propaganda said it was going to be in the first place! (only to get us suckered into it)

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