Germany: Lisbon Treaty dilemma

Angela Merkel faces a general election in September and is keen to have the Lisbon Treaty ratified before then. The CSU, the CDU’s socialist coalition partner, however, wants ratification delayed until German law has been changed to allow the law to be altered to permit ratification of the treaty.

On the face of it, there is no dilemma because the Constitutional Court decided that the Lisbon Treaty cannot be ratified until the law is changed because the treaty is unconstitutional.

So why does Merkel want to ratify the treaty before the the law is changed, defying the ruling of the Constitutional Court?

Might the pending Irish referendum have anything to do with it?

The Irish are being led to believe that if they do not return a Yes vote, financial doom awaits Ireland as the EU will withdraw its support. A recent poll, however, suggests that 70% of Germans are against bailing out Ireland in spite of indications from the German government that it may be planning to offer financial help to some countries, – particularly Ireland.

So what is Merkel to do? If Germany hasn’t ratified the treaty before the Irish go to the polls, the No camp’s argument is weakened. If, before the Germans go to the polls, Merkel indicates her intention to bail out Ireland, she’ll get clobbered by her electorate. Should that translate to a drubbing at the elections, the Lisbon Treaty’s fate might be the bin, if the socialists come to power.


8 Responses to “Germany: Lisbon Treaty dilemma”

  1. INCOMING!!!!!!! Says:

    As always with our DDR friend you end up scratching your head?

    What would a PhD Physicist be doing at the top of the German establishment?

    Makes every other G8 leader look like a chump.

    Just ferret around and see what's lurking back there in the DDR.

  2. Fausty Says:

    Incoming, which bod has the PhD?

  3. VotR Says:

    The pressure being put on Ireland to vote Yes is alarming.

    If this is how the EU does business, then a referendum for the UK to leave and take our chances never seemed more important. Member states are being strongarmed into making a decision and that is wrong. If it's wrong, we shouldn't be a part of it. Basic morality.

  4. Fausty Says:

    Morality is particularly lacking in our political classes. Labour has done so much to debase this wonderful country.

  5. Barking Spider Says:

    I'm still not sure how that East German Red ended up being allowed into the CDU never mind becoming their leader and Germany's Chancellor!!??

    She is a real throwback to the days of the Stasi who knows nothing other than the totalitarianism practised by an undemocratic German Democratic Republic and I really hope that the German Constitutional Court takes her to task over this typically underhand Lefty plot to usurp their authority.

    If this takes all the time that it should take and runs its course properly we would also, finally, be rid of Labour here in Britain and we would get our referendum which, by then, would be a difficult issue for Cameron to dodge.

  6. Fausty Says:

    As the ratification date draws closer, the No camp should become more vociferous and determined. After all, this is not some poxy law which can be easily repealed by an incoming government – the independence of the UK is at stake.

    I believe you're right, BS – the Germans hate this treaty as much as we do, and the Constitutional Court can make Merkel's re-election prospects disappear, should it choose to do so.

  7. INCOMING!!!!!!! Says:

    Merkel, PhD Quantum Chemistry. That by itself alerts one to JWTF was she researching. Soviet research in this area was/still is a black art.

    I reckon the only one capable of taking her on manno a manno is Putin. She'd make blowup ballooons out of Dark Force's intestines.

    Check out her entry here

    The dark gaping hole that is her life before German reunification summed up as "Zentralinstitut für physikalische Chemie, East Berlin 1978–90".

    Don't forget she's DDR. NOTHING there is what it seemed/seems/is/was or could be.

  8. Fausty Says:

    Incoming, you have lots to say on the subject. I look forward to your blog on the subject. Notify me when you do?

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