Watching the watchers: fight back

Daily, we read stories of people prevented by police or ‘security’ from filming in a public place and harassing or even arresting those that do, especially if the target of the frame is the police themselves.

After all, they don’t want us recording and publicising their heavy-handedness with law-abiding people, do they?

I suggest that we fight back and equip ourselves with wearable cameras.

Update: In response to John M Ward’s blog, AmateurPhotographer has more information about the amateur photographer arrested in Chatham, Kent.

The Met has issued ‘guidelines‘ on photography which have not been approved by the Home Office.


5 Responses to “Watching the watchers: fight back”

  1. VotR Says:

    I hope he sues them into the next century. Maybe they will be less abusive if they become the victims. I'm not into suing the general population at all, but the authorities deserve any weapon available thrown at them so they can be reminded who is the public servant, not the master.

  2. Fausty Says:

    It'd be a shame if it came to that, but I fear that's probably his only option for dedress. We used to have a reasonably fair system of checks and balances for this sort of thing.

  3. Shibby Says:

    Lovely idea but thinkgeek is waaaaaaaaaaaaay overpriced. Gimme a better product.

  4. banned Says:

    They probably acted within the law so sueing may not be an option.
    I expect that particular case occured because the PCSO felt obliged to back up the Council numpty and the the Proper Copper likewise felt the need to back them both up but came unstuck when they were unable to demand a 'preview' since a real camera was involved, ie escalation.

    I think tht the Police will only use their power to arrest copper snappers rarely, as a holding charge while they investigate what really interest them; in the same way that they generally ignore illegal font number plates since it handilly lays the driver open to stoppage ( word ?) with no other excuse required.

  5. Fausty Says:

    Shibby, I'll keep looking. Ideally, the product would be at least 1.3 megapixels, have good sound recording capabilities and could download to mobile storage easily. I bet China and Hong Kong have cheapos in this league.

    banned, it seems to me that PCSOs are poorly trained in policing and are little more than bureaucrats with too much power. They remind me of Hitler's henchplebs.

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