Lisbon Treaty: Irish guarantees a fiction?

We must to more than hope that the Irish will wake up to the con that they’re being sold. We must help them to open their eyes. The EU will be throwing our money at a Yes vote, in the process, interfering with the democratic process in a sovereign state.

Let’s look at what Gordon Brown said today.


About 48 minutes into the HoC Liaison Committee’s deliberations (today, from 10:00 to 12:32), Gordon Brown was asked whether Parliament would have to vote again on a protocol that attaches to the Lisbon Treaty, regarding Ireland’s ‘guarantees’.

Brown said that it would, but that whether or not the protocol was itself ratified, the Lisbon Treaty would still be ratified, if all member states did so in their respective countries.

The protocol would be attached to the next accession treaty.


Given that the Lisbon Treaty is self-amending, requiring no agreement from member states to ratify any further treaties or amendments to current treaties, what guarantee is there that the Irish ‘guarantee’ protocol will actually be implemented?

What are Ireland’s options if, post-Lisbon Treaty ratification, the next accession treaty does not implement the ‘guarantee’ protocol?

Aren’t the Irish being asked to take on trust that this ‘guarantee’ protocol will be incorporated, as agreed with Ireland?

Are any sceptics asking these questions and ensuring that the Irish understand the implications of the pile of sh*t they are being sold?


4 Responses to “Lisbon Treaty: Irish guarantees a fiction?”

  1. David Vance Says:

    The Irish are being told that if they are to not go under financially, they better swallow the guff being served up by all the major Irish parties. This time round, it will be a yes. Sadly.

  2. banned Says:

    All our politicians want it as do the Irish ones if only for the generous salaries and pensions on offer. They will force through their poxy constitution, supported by their shameful tin-pot soldiary and rubbish illegal flag. That Ode To Joy ceremony showed up the EU for the banana republic that it really is, shame on us all.

  3. Faust Says:

    DV, I hope not. Many Irish people sacrificed their lives for freedom, not so long ago. I would find it incomprehensible that they would shackle themselves for their lifetimes, to spare themselves a few years of financial hardship.

    banned, I agree. The ruling classes are a world apart from the rest of us. They might be surprised the ferocity of any uprising, should they sacrifice us for their own gain.

  4. Hipponess Says:

    Have added this to My Yahoo. I'm hoping the Irish won't let us down by voting yes.

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