Islamification of America – terror from within

In this 8-part series, aired in February this year by the Fox Strategy Room, guests discuss the terror from within – stealth Jihad. The discussion starts about 2 minutes into the first video.

Guests are:

Islamification is not just happening in the UK – but all over Europe and America. It certainly seems to be co-ordinated, in the name of “multi-culturism”.

You really want to watch these videos. The discussions are far more frank than anything you’re likely to see in Islam-appeasing, PC Britain. The vile b*stards who are encouraging the destruction of their own country should be tried for treason.

Canada defeated this cancer. So can we.


3 Responses to “Islamification of America – terror from within”

  1. Barking Spider Says:

    I'm not sure if the Labour Nazis have been censoring You Tube again but the videos don't seem to be showing up on your post – break out the tin-foil hats!

  2. banned Says:

    Toutube, likewise. you probably have too many embedded.
    Americans have been succesfully incorporating waves of migrants into their melting pot for two hundred years, perhaps the Islamists will be the first incoming group to try to make it boil over. Unlike say, the blacks, who did not want to destroy America, they wanted to be more American ( civil rights and stuff ).

  3. Faust Says:

    @BS & @banned, no, I think it was draft blogger (new version in beta). Yesterday it monkeyed with other object code – removes the object tags! Funny thing is it looked OK after saving it.

    Thanks for letting me know.

    This is a scary set of videos and it is more than likely that even more information would have emerged had they all not been on Fox News – moderation, if less than the BBC!

    I shall be buying their books.

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