Brown-induced nausea

I’m forcing myself to listen to Brown in his “wooden and perfunctory manner”, not answer the questions posed by members of the House of Commons Liaison Committee.

You can see from the sickened faces of the questioners that they have utter contempt for this weasel, who poses as our Prime Minister.

Not only does he not answer questions in a select committee but he takes every opportunity to drooooooonnnne on, and on, and on about his government’s fictional achievements.

I might be too unwell to post tomorrow.

Nudge me, if you don’t hear from me.

Back to the droning ….

5 Responses to “Brown-induced nausea”

  1. VotR Says:

    No. Yes. Two words, so easily written, so hard to say by Gordon.

    His days as leader are numbered. The Labour Party will be looking for someone fresh to avoid the embarrassment Brown is bringing upon them through his poor judgement.

  2. banned Says:

    Any time that I cannot avoid listening to Brown just one word springs to mind > Liar, mendacious pedant, boring has been, dullard never was, unelected pompus prick, Tony's fall guy leading Labour to wipeout and oblivion.

  3. Faust Says:

    VotR, I doubt Brown will disappoint them on the embarrassment front.

    banned, Yep, that just about sums it up.

  4. Barking Spider Says:

    Even the Committee were fed up and nauseated from all the nonsensical drivel being droned at them.

  5. Kalvis Jansons Says:

    Let us get this petition in the top ten of all time on the Number 10 site:

    It is not far off now. We might even get it back in the mainstream news.

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