Labour has created more than 3,500 new crimes

Labour has created more than 3,500 extra crimes since it came to power in 1997. That’s almost 300 new crimes per year!

Taking 2009’s HoC calendar as an example, the House sits for only 197 days at most, the rest being either holidays or weekends. Since many MPs leave for their constituencies on Thursdays, the government has been creating brand new crimes at a rate of 2 per day, each year, for 12 years!

Should they continue to do this, we can expect another 300 new crimes before Labour is booted out and thrown onto the scrap heap.

This massive increase in criminal offences was criticised by one of Britain’s top judges, Lord Chief Justice Lord Judge. He cited 6 major Acts with more than 1,000 separate sections and 68 additional schedules which became law in 2003, alone, reports the Mail. These were:

  • Crime (International Co-operation) Act;
  • Anti-Social Behaviour Act;
  • Courts Act;
  • Extradition Act;
  • Sexual Offences Act;
  • Criminal Justice Act.

Can we honestly believe that every one of those bills was thoroughly read and digested, and thoroughly debated in the House before MPs cast their votes to enact them?
How many MPs could name just 100 of those new crimes, without consulting records?

We did perfectly well without those 6 Acts before Labour came to power and I see no reason why they couldn’t be repealed.

5 Responses to “Labour has created more than 3,500 new crimes”

  1. VotR Says:

    There will be a law against anonymous blogging next. A law that will be unenforcable. If Labour cannot realitstically enforce their laws or use them to target typical citizens instead of actual terrorists, they should be repealed.

    From what I know about them, most are just waffle, full of hysteria, vilification and trivia.
    Waste of the paper were written on. Toilet roll is more useful.

  2. Barking Spider Says:

    As usual with labour, they cause more problems than they ever solve.

  3. Doubting Richard Says:

    Labour and crime: create thousands, commit hundreds.

  4. banned Says:

    Labour will probably organise mass round-ups of people in areas that now vote against them and intern them on the grounds that they must have broken at least 1 of their new 3,500 laws, well you can't prove that you haven't and you most certainly might do so which seem to have become grounds for arrest these days.

    "Come along quietly, we don't want no trouble now or I'll have to get me pepper spray and Tazzer out…"

  5. Fausty Says:

    banned, you raise a good point. It used to be the case that ignorance of the law was no excuse for breaking it. That was in the days when Parliament deliberated over and debated a tiny number of laws per year.

    Ten years ago, I was fairly confident that I could conduct myself without fear of prosecution (or persecution!). Now, I'm not so sure.

    Dangerous times. Dangerous government.

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