Does the German Parliament control the EU?

The Deutsche Welle editor, Christoph Hasselbach, posed an interesting question in its interview with Hans-Gert Poettering:

The German Constitutional Court has now given the German parliament more say in European matters. One could also interpret this as meaning that the national parliament is now the actual place where European legislation is made. Does this not weaken the European parliament?

If it weakens the EP, does it not strengthen Germany’s power over it, at the expense of every other member nation?

Dan Hannan was threatened with expulsion from the EP early last year for alluding to Hans-Gert Poettering’s behaviour as somewhat nazi-like. Dan was chastised unfairly, I think. Poettering chose to “disapply the rules” where sceptics were concerned, so I’m sure he won’t be missed the sceptics.

One Response to “Does the German Parliament control the EU?”

  1. banned Says:

    If our Government had any guts they could eo exatly the same thing.
    Hooray for Dan, Cameron and his crew should take lessons from hm.

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