Swedes to demonstrate over Big Brother EU surveillance body

Dagens Nyheter reports that Stockholm expects to see some major demonstrations in Sweden this week when EU ministers meet under the Swedish Presidency; the Chinese and Iranian embassies fear unrest.

The police put their number [demonstrations] at about 30.

The EU Justice, Home Affairs and Migration Ministers (JHA Council, a centralised EU body) will discuss the “Stockholm Programme” involving the surveillance of migrants – including asylum seekers. Various civil liberties groups are greatly concerned about invasion of privacy which this would entail and suspect that certain groups would be explicitly targeted for profiling, under the guise of a terrorist threat.

I expect a major part of the surveillance involves the means of collection and storage of personal relational and behavioural data in the EU’s mega surveillance database, which I blogged on earlier.

The Expressen newspaper argues that the Stockholm Programme risks becoming a “milestone on the road towards a more repressive Big Brother-EU“. It complains that it only discovered the plans via a leak and that, as usual, the public is not told about controversial EU plans until it is too late to stop them.

The Swedes are wising up to the EU’s modus operandi. The French weren’t told that their constitution had to be amended to allow their government to ratify the Lisbon Treaty – the information only became apparent to most on the day the wretched thing was ratified. Weren’t they miffed about that?


2 Responses to “Swedes to demonstrate over Big Brother EU surveillance body”

  1. VotR Says:

    What a riot it would be if the peoples of Europe combined across the continent to protest against the regime. The revolution returned.

    I wish the swedes luck, but it will take more than a little anarchy from one nationality. For effectiveness, perhaps two or three countries deciding to voice their concerns and strike back.

  2. Faust Says:

    Heaven! The Germans, Irish and Czechs all have a beef with the EU, and each of them experienced oppression in living memory, so I don't think the EU's going to have an easy time!

    The Irish might be emboldened by the Czech and German stance – and perhaps that's why the Czechs have spoken up now.

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