Might Germany scupper the Lisbon Treaty?

From OpenEurope:

In Die Zeit, former German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer criticises the judgement of the German Constitutional Court, saying that “Europe will, despite numerous setbacks and crises, continue to progress as an alliance of states in a state of integration, whether Karlsruhe likes it or not“.

The arrogance!

Handelsblatt reports that the Bavarian CSU party has declared that the German Parliament should have extensive binding powers with regards to the German government’s EU policies. Horst Seehofer, CSU leader is quoted saying that “Europe should be able to function, but it also has to be democratically legitimate” adding that “one should not cut down on democracy to save time“. Sueddeutsche notes that CSU’s stance following the German Constitutional Court’s judgement on the Lisbon Treaty is increasingly becoming a problem for the credibility of Angela Merkel’s EU policies.

Meanwhile, in his FT column, Wolfgang Münchau argues that “European integration ends with the Lisbon treaty”, as the judgement said that “member states must have sovereignty in the following areas: criminal law, police, military operations, fiscal policy, social policy, education, culture, media, and relations with religious groups.” Singling out fiscal policy, Münchau argues, “A decision that essentially rules out effective economic crisis management in a monetary union, by anchoring all relevant political decisions at the national level, is hardly consistent with a sustainable single currency”. They concluded that “at the very least, anyone locked in a monetary union with Germany should be very worried.”

A glimmer of hope!

Joschka Fischer has been employed by Madeleine Albright since 2008. Albright, dubbed Mrs New World Order, is a eurofanatic.

Meanwhile, EurActiv reports that Jerzy Buzek, the likely next President of the European Parliament, will travel to Ireland before the second Lisbon Treaty referendum, “to tell people what the treaty is for” and “what’s going on in it”.

Doesn’t that come under the heading of interfering in the politics of a sovereign nation?


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