EU data centre to have €100 million budget

Ever wonder why G20 nations are all compiling databases on their citizens, at the same time? In the US, they call it “profiling” and currently being targeted are libertarians and conservatives – or anyone who doesn’t like Obama’s policies.

Brown has evidently been following orders.

El Mundo covers a report in Der Spiegel saying that the EU is preparing to establish a data centre which holds sensitive personal information. The article notes that the centre has a budget of €100 million and will unite data centres which currently function independently.

It will be called the “Agency for the management of large IT systems in the field of liberty, security and justice“.

Given the EU’s propensity to doublespeak, hiding it’s true intentions, it might better be named “Agency for the mismanagement of large spy database for entrapment and injustice“.

German liberal MEP Alexander Alvaro said “centralising such a gigantic quantity of different data only makes sense if they want to create profiles of people“.

Quite. Why might they want to do that?


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