EU at loggerheads with Germans, Irish and Czechs

According to the Sun, German Constitutional Court judges called the Lisbon Treaty an “illegal power grab“, in their judgement last week, as the Treaty removes sovereignty from nation states in areas such as the right to set laws on defence, taxes, policing and education. Germany can’t ratify the Treaty until its parliament drafts a new law guaranteeing the German parliament rights in the EU decision-making process.

The Sun Leader says the German Court: “even rejects the EU Parliament as a democratic body – pointing out that it does not even have a proper Opposition. This must surely put paid forever to the grandiose dream of a European superstate?”

OpenEurope correctly opines: “British MPs need to wake up … and demand the same powers.”

The Prague Monitor reports that some Czech Senators might lodge a complaint over the Treaty with the Czech Constitutional Court in early August.

EU Commission President, Barroso has again warned Ireland that it will lose the right to appoint a Commissioner if it votes No to the Lisbon Treaty, reports the Irish Times. Said Barroso: “With Lisbon it would be always possible to have one commissioner per member state… if you keep Nice then member states will not have the possibility to send a member to the commission all the time. So that is an important argument to vote for Lisbon I believe”.

The Germans don’t give in too easily, the Irish don’t like being pushed around and the Czechs have just extricated them from stifling socialist dictatorship so are not in the mood to become embroiled in another.

Each of these nations has suffered oppression of some sort in their recent history. Their strength of feeling should not be underestimated and I wouldn’t be surprised if they kill off the EU in its current form. It’s too rigid a structure, anyway.

Together with Sweden’s demonstrations and Britain’s fury over the EU spy database state, this week could be sparkly for eurosceptics!


2 Responses to “EU at loggerheads with Germans, Irish and Czechs”

  1. Mark Wadsworth Says:

    EU-philes and EU-phobes alike have failed to learn from history, which teaches us that "all empires collapse in the end" (whether for better or worse).

    The EU will go the same way, all we can do is try and speed up the process.

  2. Barking Spider Says:

    I hope the Czech senators do lodge their complaint in August – it can only delay the process and help to give us some extra time to get rid of our rotten government and hold a referendum before the damned treaty's been ratified. I'm not sure what will happen in Ireland, though, Brian Cowen will be no help whatsoever, soft bastard that he is – his nick name is BIFFO, by the way, (Big Ignorant Fucker From Offaly)! However, the Irish people do not like to be pushed around – I hope whatever deceitful concessions have been offered are taken with the pinch of salt they deserve and that there is another resounding NO vote which would really put the cat among the pigeons

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