% of laws made in Britain declining

MEP Nirj Deva, in his thought-provoking blog, provided the breakdown of the percentage of laws made in member states and those made by the EU.

Last year alone, over 5000 statutory instruments were pushed through the House of Commons by Ministers, many of them involved with the direct transposition of European directives and regulations and almost all of them rushed through without proper debate or parliamentary scrutiny.

The Lisbon Treaty will further reduce our control over our own destiny, passing ever more legislative power to the EU – in vital areas of competence which we value highly.

Notice what some of these are: Energy, Foreign Affairs, Defence, policing, immigration, border controls, asylum

We’ve already witnessed the destruction wrought on this beleagured country by the euromaniacs. They need to be stopped before they do more damage.

The Lisbon Treaty’s ‘self-amending’ nature, means that the EU needs no further permission from us to remove even more of our powers in the future, once the blasted thing is ratified by all member states.


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