Cameron’s fuzzy foreign aid policy

Cameron’s speech on international development funding failed to make a case for government-sponsored aid – let alone a convincing case.

If a government feels so strongly about giving aid, then one would think that it would have specific objectives, in each case – such as the development of industries, reduction in despotism, educating people on sound economic principles (preferably the sound money principles of Austrian Economics).

Why, then, does Cameron advocate “MyAid”, where we get to choose the organisations/countries which receive our aid?

We can do that ourselves – with no help and no costly government administration involved.

If Cameron wants to help the Third World, then it should start by renegotiating CAP, under threat of our refusal to subsidise it. CAP subsidises EU countries to produce goods that are far more cheaply produced in the Third World.

The money we save from CAP can be diverted to helping the Third World – at no extra costs to ourselves. And the Third World gets a fairer deal.

Cameron needs to think again.


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