Austrian Economics: learn about sound money

The funny money world we’ve been subjected to for over 100 years and which has given rise to boom and bust cycles, is the world where bankers win and we lose. Always. Government and the banks raid our wallets by eroding our wealth – taxation by stealth.

Bankers control the money supply and thus cause booms and then busts.

They win in boom times because they lend us ever more money, created out of thin air and then charge us interest on money that they have never owned.

They win in bust times because they get to keep the properties we purchased with their loans. I.e., they’re getting something for nothing, at our expense.

It seems obvious, therefore, that boom and bust is in the bankers’ interests.

If you want to learn more about sound money, watch these excellent lectures by Professor Krassimir Petrov, Austrian Economics lecturer at the American University in Bulgaria.

Krassimir Petrov – Structured Finance Lectures

Structured Finance, Lecture 01
Structured Finance, Lecture 02
Structured Finance, Lecture 03
Structured Finance, Lecture 04
Structured Finance, Lecture 05

Business Cycle Lectures,
(Also covered in his Macroeconomics 20-25 lectures. If nothing else watch part 04)

Business Cycles, Lecture 00
Business Cycles, Lecture 01
Business Cycles, Lecture 02
Business Cycles, Lecture 03
Business Cycles, Lecture 04

Other Lectures

21 Evils of Inflation
Gold Fundamentals
Fundamentals of Peak Oil


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