Labour MPs threaten to quit, triggering by-elections

MPs are in a lather over an ultimatum issued by the discredited, barely competent Fees Office.

Andrew Walker, the ‘lazy’ head of the Fees Office, ordered MPs to provide written evidence of their second home payments, including:

  • the terms of their mortgage agreements
  • a statement that the mortgage payments are for the interest, only
  • a statement that the amounts claimed are accurate.

Should they not comply by the end of July, their allowances would be terminated by the end of August.

Trust in the Fees Office is very low and MPs are furious that they are required to take this action when many of them retard the Fees Office as being the cause of the scandal.

According to one, unnamed MP: “There is total mistrust with this office. They ask us to lodge documents with them and they clearly haven’t got the competence to look after them. The place leaks like a sieve.”

According to the Mail, “one senior Labour MP confirmed that some colleagues were contemplating resigning  and forcing by-elections over the ultimatum.”

Happy days! Go for it. You’ll be doing all of us a favour!


3 Responses to “Labour MPs threaten to quit, triggering by-elections”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    *dances the piano wire dance*

  2. Jonathan Starkey Says:

    If they have nothing to worry about then why are they up in arms about disclosing the information?
    Could someone invite Andrew Miller MP to resign as well? I am standing as an Independent against him and would welcome the competition sooner rather than later!

  3. Faust Says:

    I like the sound of that dance, Anon.

    Jonathan, I believe the Lab MPs are feigning indignation at having their reputations impugned.

    More likely that they know that under Brown, they're likely to lose their seats at the GE, unless they make a pre-emptive strike.

    The silly season has started!

    Good luck with your campaign.

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