Mandelson’s fangs sink into Coulson

Is anyone in any doubt that Fondelbum is targeting Coulson?
The Telegraph reports:

The Metropolitan Police are now looking into claims in the The Guardian newspaper that the News of the World tapped into “thousands” of mobile phones belonging to high profile figures.

The Guardian claimed that the News of the World paid more than £1 million to settle out of court claims with a number of people who sued when they discovered they were victims.

Journalists at the Sunday newspaper are alleged to have used private investigators to listen in to calls made by people such as former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, Cabinet minister Tessa Jowell, model Elle MacPherson and PR executive Max Clifford. Other alleged targets included Mayor of London Boris Johnson, actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Nigella Lawson.

Read the article.

Update, courtesy of Calling England:

The Metropolitan Police will not reopen its investigation into phone tapping by employees of News of the World because of insufficient evidence, Assistant Commissioner John Yates said in a statement this evening.

“No additional evidence has come to light since the case was concluded. I therefore consider that no further investigation is required.” “Their potential targets may have run into hundreds of people but our inquiry showed they only used the tactic against a far smaller number of individuals. It’s important to recognise that our inquiry showed that, in the vast majority of cases, there was insufficient evidence to show that tapping had actually been achieved.”


3 Responses to “Mandelson’s fangs sink into Coulson”

  1. Barking Spider Says:

    Assistant Commissioner John Yates has just announced that there is no new evidence to investigate – so that angle seems to have been put to rest – but I can't see Mandy and the Lefty press letting this die down. BTW he has also stated categorically that Prescott's phone was NOT tapped.

  2. VotR Says:

    Mandy is Gordon's fangs, as well as his Willy.

  3. Rab C. Nesbitt Says:

    Prescott's phone was tapped. I have a transcript of one of many similar conversations.

    "Yeah, two large donners, large deep pan cheese and tomato pizza, large munch box, large chips. No salad. Oh, and a can of diet coke"

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