BBC controlled by Harriet Harman? Watch

From GOT:

In case you were ever in any doubt about how biased the BBC are, with regard to the support of their NuLiebore masters, take a look at this clip of film taken from last week’s edition of Question time . . . .

One signal from Harriet Harman and BumbleBee immediately rushes to stifle an argument from IDS which Harperson would rather he didn’t continue. Blatant control of the BBC by a senior member of the Government matched only by an equally blatant display of blind obedience by a so-called senior BBC presenter.


4 Responses to “BBC controlled by Harriet Harman? Watch”

  1. xenophon19 Says:

    That looked well dodgy

  2. VotR Says:

    The BBC is a lost cause. Watch it at your own brainwashed anti male, anti free speech cotton wool nanny state-friendly peril.

    BBC = Planet Harm Man.

  3. Barking Spider Says:

    Sickening, disgraceful and completely out of order! I'm going to re-post this.

  4. Faust Says:

    In plain sight. And thanks to today's bloggers and youtube, no longer hidden.

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