Jack Straw: raping democracy

In response to the MPs expenses scandal, the government has introduced a Parliamentary Standards Bill, purportedly to stamp out corruption.

Refreshingly, the first draft of the bill defines a statutory requirment for politicians to tell the truth in Parliament, or face legal challenge, potentially resulting in a jail term.

Very sensible. Truth has been conspicuous by its absence in the past 12 years, lies being accepted almost as normal with no penalty attaching.

Too sensible for Jack Straw, though. This raper of democracy, who takes every opportunity to curtail our freedoms by sneaking trojan horse clauses into new ‘justice’ bills, is campaigning behind the scenes to cull the truth requirement from the bill.

Straw is the man who shook Mugabe’s hand, his excuse for which being that it was dark in the room and he couldn’t see Mugabe’s face. He and his fellow Marxists don’t want to live under the same rules that they devise for the rest of us.

The political crisis we’ve been living through, which was the catalyst for the drive to ‘clean up politics’, might have taught our contemptible politicians that we’ve had enough of their sleaze.

Oh, they “get it” alright. It’s just that Jack Straw and his ilk know they can get away with raping democracy because we, the people, don’t do anything about it, save from complaining to our MPs.

We need to rediscover our passion for peaceful but determined demonstration – en masse.


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