France and Germany resist CAP reform

France and Germany created a ‘working group’ to block reform of EU farm policy, after French Farm Minister Bruno Le Maire met with President José Manuel Barroso to explain France’s stance on the future reform.

Le Maire said that “more regulation” will be France’s guiding line in negotiations on the CAP, adding that that the agricultural sector is far too “strategic” to be left to market forces alone.  “It is absolutely necessary to regulate production“, he said, conjuring images of 5-year plan-type Soviet tractor production.

Le Maire also announced that France and Germany are determined to resist reform of the CAP’s subsidies to dairy farmers, which distort the market.

And he wants bailouts for farmers (French, presumably), paid for by taxpayers.

“We must do with the agricultural sector what we have done with the financial sector.  This will be our guiding thread for the reform of the CAP in 2013”

The working group, which is open for others to join, will tour EU capitals – first London, then Madrid, Rome, Bucharest and Warsaw, in an effort to win support for its position.

Here’s a chance for our MEPs to help mould CAP reform, before the French scupper it completely – ask them if they plan to join the working group in London.

EU policies are increasingly being shaped outside the EU’s official institutions, as the formation of this working group indicates. Paris took a similar initiative on GMOs last year.


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