Darling implies he wasn’t 1st choice as Chancellor

Recall that after Brown’s messy reshuffle at Brown’s press conference, Adam Boulton asked Brown a very direct question about whether or not Darling was meant to be ousted so that Balls could take his place. Brown dodged and spun and yes, lied. Most of the journalists at that farcical press conference were so openly incredulous at his bald-faced porkies that they got as close to saying so as they could, without inviting legal action.


Well now, Adam gets a chance to put Alistair under the microscope. In his interview with Adam Boulton, during the last few minutes, Adam quizzes him on whether or not he was Gordon Brown’s first choice as Chancellor, after the recent reshuffle. Darling refused to answer the question, but he seemed to deliberately imply that that was the case.

See for yourself.

Darling of course does his usual irritating routine of waffling on for so long that it eats into interrogation time.

Don’t you just hate it when they do that and are allowed to get away with it?


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