Democratic deficit – Brown denies Osborne access to data

A general election is to take place within a year and the government has a duty to allow all opposition leaders access to government information to prepare for office.

Why then is Gordon Brown denying Osborne access to spending commitments and government contracts data? If Osborne is to formulate spending policy, it is essential that he is given access to this information.

Surely there is a means by which Osborne can compel the government to impart the information?

Update: Mandy, in an attempt to deflect blame tries to smear Osborne:

“There is a very unattractive pattern of behaviour that is starting to emerge with George Osborne, of innuendo in pursuit of a smear.

“Yesterday George Osborne issued a very serious allegation that the Prime Minister had intervened to deny the opposition of information they were entitled to. This claim has been flatly denied by the Cabinet Secretary. I suggest George Osborne withdraws this deliberate untruth to avoid embarrassing his leader at Prime Minister’s Questions today”

I trust that Osborne will not withdraw his statement and instead, augment it with facts – preferably with written evidence.


2 Responses to “Democratic deficit – Brown denies Osborne access to data”

  1. VotR Says:

    Mandy has had stabs at Osborne in the past, especially with that yacht incident.

    It must be love.

  2. Faust Says:

    Mandy is clearly a vindictive cnut; Osborne can expect more of the same. It's a shame about Clarke's Lisbon Treaty gaffe – Cameron has had to shut him up. He was a brilliant Mandlebum opponent.

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