Police brutality due to "lack of training"

If Keith Vaz and a report by the Home Affairs Committee are to be believed, the police brutality witnessed during the G20 was due to “lack of training”.

The reports says “It is troubling that the policing operation relied so heavily on untrained, inexperienced officers […] Future events may not be so calm and some officers will be found wanting through no fault of their own. This is a risk the police must not run. We cannot condone the use of untrained, inexperienced officers on the front line of a public protest under any circumstances and this must be avoided at all costs.”

Really? They expect us to believe that the police need to be trained to recognise what is and what is not reasonable behaviour?

This report smacks of another whitewash to me.

Amazingly, the report goes on to praize the G20 policing calling it “remarkably successful”.


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