77% of Germans want referendum on Lisbon Treaty

Contrary to popular belief, Germans don’t like the Lisbon Treaty any more than we do. In fact, on 30 June, the German Constitutional Court will rule on the compatibility of the Lisbon Treaty with the German Constitution. Open Europe, in collaboration with the Institute for Free Enterprise in Berlin, has published a new poll which shows that 77% of Germans want to be given a say on the Lisbon Treaty in a national referendum.

Voters were asked: “Do you think that German voters should be given the opportunity to have their say on the new EU Treaty in a national referendum?”

77.3% said yes, 20.7% said no, and 1.9% said they don’t know.

OpenEurope publishes some surprising facts on the German stance to the Lisbon Treaty and the EU in general.

3 Responses to “77% of Germans want referendum on Lisbon Treaty”

  1. VotR Says:

    If the new centre-right groups can stop feeding their faces in the trough for a minute and do something, we might just get a referendum in the UK. Provided Labour is out by then. And Cameron doesn't lose his backbone, which is possible but we will see.

    Don't know if the German's have any chance of a referendum, from what I understand their political scene is a mish mash of different parties trying to gain a majority constantly, like cats madly clawing at a single yarn of wool.

  2. Faust Says:

    Hopefully, the Conservatives are linking with the German eurosceptics – I'll look into this.

    I understand that the Germans are contesting the legitimacy of the Lisbon Treaty in respect of the German constitution.

    I guess the success or otherwise of their deliberations will hinge upon the country's corporations – which essentially override its 'democracy'.

  3. Mark Wadsworth Says:

    F, you say "contrary to popular belief", I know about Germany and this does not surprise me much (OK, I'd expect support for a referendum at about 50%) at all.

    This 'popular belief' is only because of complete crass misreporting of anything to do with the EU. For example, if Merkel says something pro-EU, they report it as "Germany is pro-EU".

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