Tom Utley’s conspiracy theory

Tom Utley is 95% sure that Mandy is propping up Brown in order to secure the prize of the Lisbon Treaty – the deliverance of the UK on a plate to the EU, for his traitor’s shekels. Brown is happy to oblige, so keen is he to cling to power and so keen is he to further the EU projekt.

Utley is not alone. Many of us have suspected this ever since the Prince of Darkness descended upon Westminster to revive the fortunes of McBean the walking dead. Dan Hannan weighed in with his belief that this indeed was the case.

2 Responses to “Tom Utley’s conspiracy theory”

  1. Goodnight Vienna Says:

    It's been evident for a while now, I'm surprised so few have picked up on it in the msm before now. The self-styled political 'elite' use the same language to silence anyone whose views don't match their own: nutcase, little Englander, xenophobe, racist. Brown is a patsy, a traitor, a coward.

  2. Fausty Says:

    And yet people are still cowed by those remarks – because lefties have had a stranglehold of the media for a decade and can sick them on littler people.

    It seems to be backfiring on them WRT the Tory cuts/Labour 'investment' gambit.

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