And the Big Brother bogeyman is … the EU

OpenEurope reports:

European Commission wants database for all 500 million citizens, raising “big brother” concerns

The European Commission has proposed to set up a new agency to oversee all its large-scale IT systems, thereby bringing together management of three key systems – the Schengen Information System, Visa Information System and Eurodac – plus other related applications, into a single operational structure.

Webwereld reports that human right groups have expressed fears for big brother implications, as this would mean that data on all 500 million European Union citizens and all illegal migrants would be merged into a database for “freedom and security”. The cost of the system would be €113 million in the first 3 years, and later €10 million per year following that.

As if we hadn’t already guessed that this government was kowtowing to its political masters, while attempting to hide the fact from the electorate.

For the uninitiated, now you see why Brown is not listening to you. He doesn’t take his instructions from you, plebian. You are his serf, the property of the EU which is Brown’s political master.

Unless we rid ourselves of the EU, democracy is dead in the UK., Webwereld


One Response to “And the Big Brother bogeyman is … the EU”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Doesn't give us much choice then, does it? Out of the EU as fast as we can.

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