Opposition motion to hold Iraq inquiry in public fails

After impassioned speeches from all parties, the motion to hold the inquiry into the Iraq war failed by 299 to 260 votes.

After much criticism, Brown to his earlier decision to make the inquiry private, he said it was up to the inquiry’s chairman, Sir John Chilcot, to decide whether to hold some sessions in public.

As usual, the government’s arguments were specious and wooden – the same lame arguments it uses for everything else. And yet, it defeated the motion.

Of one thing the Labour government can be sure – if the inquiry does not satisfy the public that it is fairly, openly and honestly conducted, the public will not let this rest and neither will the Conservatives.

Once Labour is out of power, it can expect another Iraq inquiry, over which it will have no control. Labour is putting off until tomorrow what it should do today and they will regret it.


3 Responses to “Opposition motion to hold Iraq inquiry in public fails”

  1. Goodnight Vienna Says:

    Rammell really struggled. They only scraped through by about 39 votes so Labour backbenchers are prepared to rebel on some things. One other thing that disappointed me was the govt's refusal to have evidence taken under oath – they've left it to Chilcott to decide.

  2. Hipponess Says:

    How much more do the people of this Country have to take from this sham of a Government!
    It's a disgraceful show of support for Phoney and his cohorts.
    Anything rather than tell the truth. It makes me sick to the pits of my stomach.
    What an insult to the friends and families of the brave men and women who have died, been wounded and faught.
    Words fail me!

  3. Faust Says:

    GV, quite. Plausible deniability. When the sh!t hits the fan, as I'm sure it will, the govt can blame Chilcot. They seem to revert to what has worked before.

    Hippo, you and me, both. I console myself with the thought of Labour's annihilation at the GE.

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