The hypocrisy of Labour – smearing again

Labour MP Salter, John Bercow’s campaign manager, called Bercow’s critics “intolerant” and “bigoted”. He claimed that Dorries’s assertion that Mr Bercow received only three Tory votes was “a lie and a smear”.

Asked about the Conservatives’ attitude to Bercow, Salter said: “I think they should grow up. The election of the Speaker is above party politics.

“It’s a shame that these people are so intolerant, so bigoted, that they cannot give the new Speaker at least a few weeks.

“There’s no way that this was organised by the front bench of either political party. No Speaker has achieved such wide support.”

He then went on to smear Dorries, saying that she has: “clearly got severe personal problems with John Bercow. She wrote a disgraceful attack on him in the Mail on Sunday of all places. She said that he’s unfit to serve as Speaker because his wife is a Labour voter.”

“I did the numbers and to get 321 votes we would have needed at least 15 to 20 Conservatives. So that is a lie and a smear, along with all the other lies and smears.”

It’s laughable that a Labour MP who accuses Dorries of a smear, then goes on to smear Dorries! The hypocrisy of Labour seems to know no bounds.


14 Responses to “The hypocrisy of Labour – smearing again”

  1. Stephen Paulger Says:

    I'm confused about what part was the smear.

  2. Jonathan M Says:

    You know… I don't think it's a smear to accuse someone of saying what they actually did say.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hmm, truth = smear? Not sure I see your point :S

  4. Anonymous Says:

    You're an idiot.

  5. Fausty Says:

    If salter can describe Dorries's assertion that there only three Tories voted for Bercow as a smear, then by the same logic, Salter's accusation that Dorries has "severe personal problems" is also a smear.

    The only difference is that the latter is far worse.

    I see Labourites are willied by this, hence the marking down by ten people of this post.

    Nice to know that I've hit a sore point.

  6. Stephen Paulger Says:

    Fausty you seem to have not entirely read the quote.

    "clearly got severe personal problems with John Bercow"

    If someone says something along the lines of "I have a severe problem with X" it is misrepresenting to quote that as "I have a severe problem" as that implies mental health issues and it is clearly not was meant.

    So for you to misquote it has "Dorries has personal problems" is dishonest.

    Now if you read it again you might see that it can be interpreted as "Dorries clearly has a personal dislike for John Bercow".

    Which, is hardly a smear and frankly Salter was stating the obvious to say that Dorries dislikes Bercow.

    I don't think that exaggerating like Dorries did is a smear either it just shows she has trouble with numbers, which might also explain her expenses claims.

  7. Faust Says:

    It is not dishonest in the least. The quote comes from PoliticsHome. Read it for yourself. In no way can that quote be interpreted as "Dorries clearly has a personal dislike for John Bercow".

  8. Kunte Says:

    Methinks that's an interpretation too far, Stephen. The quote is there in black and white and in no need of interpretation.

  9. Stephen Paulger Says:

    I think the full quote there only serves to show that is precisely what was meant.

    Nothing there suggests he's trying to imply she has mental health problems, which would a nasty smear. Which I think is what you're trying to say he's saying.

  10. Fausty Says:

    "severe personal problems"

    Hint: one of the words in that phrase gives the game away.

  11. Plenty Says:

    Well said, Labour cannot stop the attacks and smears. You know why? Because the top man in power has a personal problem with Etonians. He hates Toryism and what it stands for. They are champagne socialists who have been in power far too long….

  12. Faust Says:

    Plenty, agreed. And he hates the English.

  13. Stephen Paulger Says:

    Faust you might say "he has a personal problem with the English". :D

  14. Faust Says:

    Interestingly, Stephen Paulger, your side doesn't invite comments. ;)

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